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Metal to the Bone
March 2008
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I cannot recall hearing any metal bands from Lebanon before - well, except Weeping Willow that plays some crunchy and heavy old school death metal. Nightchains, which unfortunately split up in 2006, plays traditional, straight-forward, very ´80s-tinged heavy/speed metal with such an amount of conviction that it almost feels like a crime that they don´t exist any longer. Anyway, this just proves it doesn´t matter which part of the world you come from; good metal is produced everywhere. You only need to dig it up, deep down from the underground to the surface of the earth, and then enjoy it.

Nightchains´ only album, very fittingly titled METAL TO THE BONE, throws all of us back in time; back to those days when bands like Griffin, Agent Steel, Helstar, Raven, Omen and other forces of pure speed and heavy metal dominated on the face of the earth. METAL TO THE BONE, is metaphorically speaking, metal to the bone. The band threesome, Max, Tex and Nabil, obviously have always shared a common interest toward this type of metal genre as they do sound very convincing with their ´80s-tinged speed/heavy metal that irresistably flows out from the speakers, kind of inviting you personally to join the heavy metal party and make your best out of it.

While listening to such songs off the album like “Ecstasy”, “The Law”, “Summit of Thunder” and “Heart of Battle”, one starts to feel a certain respect for these fellows´ achievements on this fine speed/heavy metal album. The whole album is more or less like a tribute album to the all the bands that have influenced Nightchains in one way or the other, introducing 9 pure, ´100% made-of-metal´ songs to its target group; the true beauty and rawness of its own musical genre. The band´s singer, Max, has a well-trained voice - and he has no problem at all in going to the upper registers whenever it´s necessary for the structure of a song. Tex, on the other hand, proves to be one helluva guitarist. His riffs find their way to the target effortlessly while his leads seem to be full of thunder and lightning. Nabil on drums is his own virtuoso, too - probably not the one of the most technical metal drummers on the globe, but does his job the way it is expected from him to do.

The production of METAL TO THE BONE is sort of on a demo level. It´s kind of thin and lacks some input as far as making the songs powerful enough is concerned. But on the other hand, when we are talking about the metal that was produced during the eighties, the sound world METAL TO THE BONE has, fits well to the overall feeling of the songs herein.

So, what else there is to say, but Nightchains are truly metal to the fuckin´ single bone. Please do yourself a favor and check them out if you get a chance for that. Special thanks go out to Mr. Humberto Sanchez for introducing me to their music.
Track Listing

01. Ecstasy
02. The Law
03. Metal Storm
04. Summit of Thunder
05. Where We Come from
06. (Can't Write a) Love Song
07. Mile of Skulls
08. Prelude
09. Heart of Battle


Max - Vocals
Tex - Guitars
Nabil - Drums

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» Metal to the Bone
by Luxi Lahtinen

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