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Ego Dominus Tuus
November 2014
Released: 2014, Season Of Mist
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Addison Herron-Wheeler

It is very rare that a black metal band invokes the demonic screeching of Dark Funeral, 1349, or Mayhem – and even rarer that this band is American. What is rarer still is to find out that said band is from your area. Nightbringer are from Colorado, but they don’t play shows in the area all the time or consider themselves a local band. Instead, they cultivate and maintain the air of mystery that characterizes what black metal is all about – letting the music and the evil do the talking, instead of trying to fit into a scene or represent a certain area. The band’s fourth studio offering, EGO DOMINUS TUUS, is probably their strongest album to date.

While this record certainly follows their formula of hypnotic and aggressive occult black metal, it treads new ground in that it is even more trance-inducing and chaotic than their previous works, but somehow also more melodic and musical. This is one of those albums where it is hard to pick out specific songs that are stronger than others, and you don’t want to listen out of order – this music is best enjoyed as an entire piece. The artwork is beautifully, classically evil, and goes along very well with the lyrics and overall aesthetic of the album.

In an era where metal is leaning towards the campy and the costumey, this record really brings it all back to the roots of black metal by invoking imagery and feeling about music and the universe, instead of how grim the band looks or how cool they are. It is worth mentioning that as someone from the East Coast who recently moved to Middle America, I can really respect these guys for starting a black metal band in the heart of the Bible belt. No wonder they sound as inspired as the originals back in Norway.
Track Listing

1. Prayer of Naphal
2. Et Nor Illuminatio mea in Delicus Meis
3. Lantern of Eden’s Night
4. Things which are Naught
5. I am the Gateway
6. Call of the Exile
7. Where Fire never Dreamt of Man
8. The Wichfires of Lubal-Damin
9. Salvation is the Son of Leviathan
10. The Otherness of Being


Ophis – guitars, bass, vocals, lyrics
Vas – guitars, bass,
Naas Alcameth – guitars, bass, vocals
ar Ka’d al Ablis – vocals
Menthor – drums



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