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New Keepers Of The Water Towers
The Calydonian Hunt
May 2011
Released: 2011, Meteor City
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

New Keepers Of The Water Towers are a four-piece stoner/doom metal troupe with an unnecessarily long band name, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. To date the band has released two previous EP's and a career spanning compilation.

THE CALYDONIAN HUNT is the first proper full length for NKOTWT and is introduced to the masses with the frantic romp and stomp of "Abyssal Lord" a percussive, semi melodic, mid tempo track with gnarly gruff vocals shouted at maximum capacity complementing the catchy riffs of guitarist Victor Berg. "The Calydonian Hunt" the album's title track is next and plays off of harmonized clean vocals and the ever important dynamic range as felt during the soft-to-hard sweet spot transitions.

"Arise, The Serpent" features an excellent eerie lick on the verse section and is heavy on power chord delivery come chorus time. A musical building block, is this one, seeped in a creepy, murderous atmosphere. "The Call For Cosmos" is basically a short intro, performed on bass and guitar that guides the listener into the next track, the ponderous "Crystal Lake" (Perhaps an ode to the Friday The 13th movies?) This very well may be the album's finest moment with it's climatic build and lethal delivery.

Another standout track would be "Fire Breather" with it's plodding bass lines, and at times disharmonic chord choices. Vocally, this is vocalist Rasmus' most ugly sounding and mean spirited performance on THE CALYDONIAN HUNT as he really lets loose from the guts on this number. The album finally comes to a close with the seventies hard rocking fuzz of "The Sword In The Stone". Tales of fire and brimstone meet heavy power chords and crashing cymbals, closing out the album with all of the piss and vinegar it began with.

To sum things up I would say that THE CALYDONIAN HUNT makes for a pretty enjoyable listening experience. There are a lot of quality riffs on tap on this release, and keeping in mind it's obvious metal leanings, Rasmus' vocal delivery at times could warrant the potential for airplay on mainstream rock radio. Having said that, the album artwork created by said vocalist does little to put over the music contained within and in my opinion doesn't do the fantastic tunes proper justice. That small gripe aside, I would recommend this disc to all fans of the stoner/doom genre.
Track Listing

1. Abyssal Lord
2. The Calydonian Hunt
3. Mankind's Fall
4. Arise, The Serpent
5. The Call from Cosmos
6. Crystal Lake
7. Return Of Ziz
8. Fire Breather
9. The Sword In The Stone


Rasmus Booberg - Vocals, Guitar
Tor Sjödén - Drums, Vocals
Victor Berg - Guitar, Vocals
Robin Holmberg - Bass



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