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New Eden
Stagnant Progression
April 2005
Released: 2004, P&P Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Progresive Powermetal. At least that is what New Eden calls themselves. The tag hits pretty close to the mark yet there is also bit of thrashy goodness thrown in for good measure. Led by guitarist Horacio Colmenares and former Steel Prophet vocalist Rick Mythiasin, New Eden have released their latest CD called STAGNANT PROGRESSION. The first thing to jump out is of course the strange title. How can there be both progression and stagnantion? It’s a title that is at odds with itself as is much of the CD.

New Eden take their journey down the powermetal road least travelled, at least by many of today’s more successful bands. They forgo orchestration, bagpipes, tin whistles, vacuum cleaners and blenders so that they can focus on the bare guts of their metal. “Threshold of Tolerance” opens the CD with a rage and fury that is missing from many of today’s powermetal releases. “Stagnant Progression” continues on with the “rage and fury”. The lyrics of Colmenares seem to deal with the darker side of the human psyche. Tales of torment, pain, loss, betrayel and enslavement pepper his lyrics and bring a dark and depressing edge to the music, which in itself is gloomy and foreboding. Other standout tracks on the STAGNANT PROGRESSION include “Emptiness of a Black Tomorrow” which deals with our ever changing world and how everything we say and do can now in some way be monitored and people behind the scenes pull the strings that run society and “For My Love”, a haunting ballad that is the antithesis of much of the material on STAGNANT PROGRESSION.

With such a great line-up it is surprising that this CD isn’t much better. Being a fan of Mythiasin’s work with Steel Prophet I had high hopes for this release. The band comes through but only partially. The performances are amazing but the material on the CD is kind of hit and miss, though the rough diamonds are there. If only they could be polished New Eden could be a power player on the scene for a long time.
Track Listing



Rick Mythiasin ~ vox
Horacio Colmenares ~ guitar
Tim Thomas ~ guitar
Mike Duran ~ bass
Jimmy Schultz ~ drums



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