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Welcome To
August 2012
Released: 2010, DreamDemon Recordings
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Neverworld are an up and coming quintet from the UK who despite being in the early stages of their career have received some pretty impressive acclaim. Having received number one unsigned release in 2010 from’s pole and having toured extensively throughout last year the band are entering the process of recording their eagerly awaited debut album. And if this EP Welcome to is anything to go by it would seem that Neverworld are about to inject something rather quite special into the UK music industry, the likes of which should by all rights lift them into arena filled shows and alternative chart listing success.

Opening with, ‘They Live (we sleep)’ the spoken words open with “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass” before breaking into heavy metallic riffs, pitch harmonics and solid drumming. The high pitched wailing vocals mesh flawlessly into a symphonic undercurrent of keys, with some eyebrow raising lead guitar throws in for good measure. The song’s chorus comes fully loaded with a sing along quality in which some catchy guitar riffs are guaranteed to grab your undivided attention.

The adrenaline inflicting solos shift into overdrive that riffs beckon the song’s ascension into epic territory. ‘Into the heart of chaos’ opens with a fast finger tapping solo before drums and keys add an extra layer of grandeur. The vocals intrude with lyrics revolving around war giving the track the prelude to an epic battle feel. A strongly influenced power metal structure that comes with group vocals, rich solos “Death awaits who hears our battle cry”. A well executed breakdown weaves in with some eccentric lead guitar moments whilst the keyboard melodies take centre stage.

Finally, ‘This Fire’ enters with a slow piano intro revealing a sombre and more delicate quality to their sound which builds slowly as the bass and drums waywardly leak into the mix. The clean vocals really shine in this ambient ballad based intro. The guitar riffs catapult alongside the drumming and keyboard tonalities. The pace accelerates and becomes a real head banger corrosion of riffs and hair swinging solos: revealing a truly metal induced core at the heart of things. The song disperses with the keyboard’s ethereal beauty as the solo pervades throughout the closing crescendo.

Final thoughts, this is quite an exciting ride into a genre of music that I have never really followed or found particularly enticing. What sets these guys a bar higher than most other power metal bands I’ve heard is the quality of songs and well timed precision of instrumentation.

The EP flows well and doesn’t lapse into the overly pretentious guitar solo-fillers that last for what seems like forever (a trait that I have found far too common in many of their peers). Given that guys are about to release a debut album, this short collection of tracks is enough to wet anyone’s appetite. Looking forward to hearing what the future holds for these guys!

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. They Live (We Sleep)
2. Into The Heart of Chaos
3. This Fire


Ben Colton - Vocals and guitar
Jack Foster- Guitar
Mike Vaughan - Drums
Daniel Potter - Keyboards
Gary Payne - Bass

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