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July 2016
Released: 2016, Indie Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP has been supporting England’s Neverworld since the very first demo back in 2010 but this is my first Neverworld review. The new album is called and it came out in March of 2016 and has been getting some decent rotation in my digital listening device!

DREAMSNATCHER boasts an eye-catching cover that matches the mood of this elegant progressive Power Metal band. The young quintet from Bedfordshire start the album with a brave, ambitious and sting opening track called ‘Into The mouth Of Madness’, It is quite the multi-layered epic song, running almost nine minutes and sounding almost like three mini-suites in one. It is a great first intro for me to this clearly talented act. The reign it in a bit on the next song, the title track’ Dreamsnatcher’, which is more of a straight –ahead metal composition but the underlying keyboards lines give it a good proggy feeling. Vocalist hits some decent high notes and some rough and growly vocals as well, but not descending into Death Metal growls. The triple solo section with little burst of double-kick drum is excellent as each guitarist and then the keyboardist each have a go. There are some nice little extras, like the spoken word intro to ‘Armies Of The Night’ which is a bit of an homage to the old 80’s action-gang movie, ‘Warriors’. The nice thick guitar tone gives the album a good meaty feel but the band is not afraid to keep those keyboards parts going, nor are they afraid to thrown in a dash of acoustic guitar or piano as heard through the down-tempo, dare I say ballad’, ‘Fall Forever’. I’m hearting many good influences and styles…maybe lighter Annihilator (Set The World On Fire) era, and mid-era Fates Warning, meaning progressive yet still accessible and tuneful. The album is book-ended with another nine-minute epic called ‘Face The Fear’ ending the album on another strong note.

DREAMSNATCHER has a to offer for perhaps more patient listeners who don’t always need that instant pay-off/gratification; meaning it’s not all fast, it’s not all bombastic and the strength of the compositions really engage the listener. Neverworld is a class act, surprisingly mature and sophisticated and well above average.
Track Listing

1. Into the Mouth of Madness
2. Dreamsnatcher
3. Armies of the Night
4. Passion Killers
5. Under the Asylum
6. Fall Forever
7. All I Am
8. Awakening
9. The Grand Illusion
10. Face the Fear


Ben Colton Vocals, Guitar
Jack Foster Guitar
Gary Payne Bass
Daniel Potter Keyboards
Mike Vaughan Drums



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