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December 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Children of doom, revel in the sounds of days gone by. Utah’s Nevertanezra was founded over 10 years ago by Michael Ventura out of his love of old school doom, specifically in the vein of the Peaceville 3 (that’d be early Paradise Lost, Anathema, and My Dying Bride for the uniformed). Originating as a one-man project, it’s blossomed over time into a full five piece outfit that successfully recaptures some of the magic of that era on their self-released debut full length NTNR.

Ventura and company wear those influences on their collective sleeves, as the 5 tracks on NTNR are immediately reminiscent of genre magistrates like Morgion, Sorrow, and old MDB; a potent formula of lengthy dirges with flirtatious advances of melody and speed, matched against death growl vocals. Minus the obligatory intro track, each of the tunes on NTNR range between 9 and 17 minutes, but the band aptly handles such marathons with grace. Each song traverses a variety of paths towards their conclusion to keep the listener interested, and I rarely found myself watching the clock. The simple hypnotic melodies on “The Fading” and “To Suffocate” provide a healthy balance to the methodical resonating crunch of “In the Face of Despair,” which really does wonders for the album’s continuity. It’s also worth noting that NTNR is absent of the keyboard/synth trappings that usually accompany these kinds of releases. There’s plenty of atmosphere throughout the album’s 53-minute run time, but it’s all organically driven through the band’s core instruments; another gesture of old school authenticity from Nevertanezra.

I’d wager a guess that the band’s production budget was practically nil given that it’s a self-released effort, but all things being equal NTNR still sounds pretty good. However, I’d still be eager to hear what the band sounds like given the opportunity for some additional spit and polish in this area. Nitpicking aside, NTNR is a solid release from start to finish. Put this one in the “Pleasant Surprise of the Month” category, as Nevertanezra have really blown away any expectations that I had with NTNR. They’re a talented band with strong chops and a respect for the doom genre that shows in their music. Check out Nevertanezra online for more info on the band and how to purchase a copy of NTNR.
Track Listing

1. Solace…
2. In the Face of Despair
3. Separation Anxiety
4. The Fading
5. To Suffocate


Rick McCoy – Vocals
Michael Ventura – Lead Guitar
Jake Smith – Rhythm Guitar
Kyle Smith – Bass
Nate Correll - Drums

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