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Under The Same Sky
March 2016
Released: 2015, Self-release
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Siting on the bus during your morning commute when everyone around you looks half asleep, surely there’s no better cure for the weekday morning blues than throwing on a bit of thrash metal. Hailing from Poland, ’Under The Same Sky’ is Neuronia’s third album and I have to say, t’s a damn fine morning listen.

It’s also rather cheeky, which you can see immediately from looking at the song titles; ‘Imminent Slaughter of Irrational Shitheads’ for one, though you can also hear it in the song itself. ‘Good Clean Fun’ is another example of this as it is exactly what it says it is and a good start to the album. Here it is the backing vocals and the lyrics that show the lightheartedness to the band. The title track, ‘Under The Same sky’ is another example with this time that cheekiness coming in this time from the tone of the guitars.

Overall there’s is very little to dislike about this album. It all flows nicely together and has all the speed and aggression when needed, as well as clearly demonstrating the other influences being brought into play; power metal and trance (see ‘Get Ready For War’). They use each influence cleverly; showing their differences but managing to restrain them so as to keep it all bound to each other.

The only thing I can think could be a downside is that the overall effect is very smooth, so there is a feel of curbing the raw grittiness you can get within thrash. That may well not be to your taste, but I would still recommend it. The slight restraint with this album is in a way refreshing as you get exactly the same elements but not as harsh in your face. Listen to ‘Death and Taxes’ for a good example of the album and straightforward thrash.

I would be very interested to see this band live just to hear that slight edge brought into these songs, as well the fact that many of these are clearly begging to be heard live. As I said that smoothness is to me the only downside (and it is very slight indeed) as I really enjoyed listening to each song on this album and I will definitely be listening to this album again. Many times I expect.

Review by Rowena Lamb
Track Listing

1. Good Clean Fun

2. Under the Same Sky 

3. Get Ready for War

4. Dialogues of a Love Lost

5. Imminent Slaughter of Irrational Shitheads

6. An Elegy

7. Death and Taxes

8. The Descent

9. Forest Fury

10. Anger Spent

11. Last Shot


Michał "Misiek" Rogala – rhythm guitar (2003-present)

Maciej "Tektur" Nawrot – vocals (2009-present)

Rafał "Lewy" Lewandowski – lead guitar (2010-present)

Daniel "Beton" Grotkiewicz – bass guitar, backing vocals (2011-present)

Łukasz "Lukass" Sobczyk – drums, percussion (2011-present)

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