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Preaching Venom
July 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Trivia-like questions for starters: What album has been engineered by Kiran Sequeira and Rami Mustafa in Dubai? What is that band´s album in which the drums have been engineered by Joe Haley at Red Planet Studios in Australia? What album has been mixed by Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy (Vader, Decapitated, Hate, etc.) at Hertz Studios in Poland? And what album has been mastered by Alan Douches (Sepultura, Suffocation, Unearth, etc.) at West West Side Music in New York, USA? Sounds like quite an interesting puzzle, doesn´t it?

Yes, you, as a smart guy, made already your quick conclusions out of all these stupid and totally unnecessary questions, and spat out the right words ´Preaching Venom´ and ´Nervecell´, I can now fully concentrate on diving deeper into this Dubai-based death metallers, Nervecell´s debut full-length record, titled PREACHING VENOM.

In 2005 Nervecell already won my interest with their HUMAN CHAOS mini-CD, so at least I have some expectations to assume the band has truly put lots of effort into their debut record. The other important question is, have all of their efforts paid off for them then? Well, yes - they have, and in a very pleasing way indeed (basing my answer on from 4 to 6 hours that I have been spending on listening to PREACHING VENOM).

In all honesty, I could claim Nervecell´s PREACHING VENOM fulfilled all my expectations about their debut album - and even more, even. PREACHING VENOM contains some of the greatest fucking pieces of death metal that I have heard for a little while. In a nutshell, it´s a package of technical, well arranged, harmonic, heavy and brutal death metal in a good measure, and therefore the songs urge a listener to push the ´repeat´ button over and over again. The band´s vocalist (and bassist) James comes off a real convincing death metal growler, reminding me strongly of Ross of Immolation and Glen of Deicide - and even Karl from Nile, especially in a song called "Flesh & Memories". The riffs are overall catchy thoroughly, and the solos seem to cut the air easier than your hot knife cuts the butter. David Haley, that child prodigy known from his intense and highly technical drumming from Psycroptic, has done a superb job on the album, too as a session drummer. It´s a real pleasure to follow his fast and precise hands behind the drum pattern in the songs on PREACHING VENOM. He sounds like he could never miss one single hit.

The most important thing of course is that the whole package works. There are no fillers on PREACHING VENOM, and every song has surely earned its place as a part of this successfully made death metal record. Much like with many slightly more obscure countries like India where one wouldn´t expect any great, quality metal to come from, the United Arab Emirates is surely another country that should undoubtedly prove to all of us that quality metal isn´t restricted to any certain parts of the world; it can come from anywhere. Nervecell have proved just that loud and clear on their fine sounding death metal slab PREACHING VENOM, and I for one urge all of you death metal fans to check it out if quality death metal means something to you. What a wonderful record from such a wonderful band!
Track Listing

01. As They Reign & Slither
02. Vicious Circle of Bloodshed
03. Flesh & Memories
04. For Every Victim Fallen
05. Beyond Our Sins
06. Haute Monde Facade
07. Ratios
08. Demean
09. Vastlands of Abomination
10. Existence Ceased


Rajeh Khazaal - Vocals and bass
Barnaby Ribeiro - Guitars
Rami Mustafa - Lead guitars
David Haley - Session drums (from Psycroptic)

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