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PROMO 2005
September 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finland´s furious deathmongers Nerlich have been kind of an active band during the past couple of years as far as the band´s song writing goes. The band´s 3rd effort in order has simply been titled PROMO 2005 which features 3 new songs - and 3 other songs from the band´s excellent INSANE CREATIONS – INORGANIC ECHOES demo (2005) of which one song is a re-make. The band has also been suffering from finding a stable line-up for Nerlich lately – and on this particular 6-song promo their line-up has been changed once again. Now gone are Jarno Nurmi (guitar) and Pekka Johansson (bass) from the band´s line-up on Nerlich´s previous demo I.C.-I.C, and replacements obey such two names as Otso Kirvelä who now handles the second guitar – and Tommy Metsälä who took Pekka´s position and tortures 4-stringer in the band these days.

I don´t know whether it´s because of the new line-up or something else, but unfortunately Nerlich has taken a few steps backwards with the 3 new songs they have recorded for this demo. The new songs lack some heaviness and slowly developing mid-paced parts ála Death, and these new songs have been wrapped up with more Suffocation/Hate Eternal –type of speed elements while at the same time a relatively light production doesn´t necessarily further this young mob to achieve more a kick-ass credibility amongst the fans of heavy and brutal old school Death Metal. Something has obviously gone wrong because the so-called last 2 ´bonus tracks on this 7-song offering (“Degenerating Process” and “Inorganic Subhuman Echoes” that are)´ that have been taken from Nerlich´s highly praised and digged previous demo, are the most pleasing numbers that they have to offer via this almost freshly-made promotional CD-R. That´s kinda sad, but that´s the whole truth anyway. Maybe re-recording some of these new songs might help to get them to stand out a bit better and even get them somewhere eventually - of course added with a production that is heavier than a pair of your grandmam´s 2-gallon boobies.

However, this ain´t as bad as I may have put it to sound like. I´m just a bit disappointed after the band´s totally crushing previous demo, that´s all.
Track Listing

01. Intro: Defabricated
02. Substantial Alteration
03. Condemned
04. On Sarcastic Impact
05. Perverted Butcher (bonus)
06. Degenerating Process (bonus)
07. Inorganic Subhuman Echoes (bonus)


Miikka Merikallio – Vocals & guitar
Otso Kirvelä – Guitar
Tommy Metsälä - Bass
Teemu Mutka – Drums

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