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December 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This Espoo quartet’s old school death metal invasion continues with a new five track offering. Nerlich continues their old-school death metal attack right where they left off on their four song debut demo which was released earlier this spring. The guys have reworked a couple of songs off their debut demo for this new release and have done three entirely new songs. Also, I guess it needs to be mentioned that Pekka Johansson who used to play guitar in the early Nerlich line-up, has rejoined the band, only this time handling bass duties and Lari has been replaced by Teemu Mutka who previously played drums in Deepred (R.I.P.).

With this line-up the band has done a miracle or two because of Nerlich’s connection to the old school death metal sound has only gotten stronger. The relentless death commandos of Nerlich pay tribute to bands like Death (their earlier era), the demo–era Grave and Suffocation (because of some truly technical wizardy being constantly present in the songs). They do it a very respectable way, not even losing focus for a short moment.

The three new songs, “Degenerating Process”, “Inorganic Subhuman Echoes” and “Condemned” are closer to Suffocation music-wise than early Death stuff due to these songs more technical and trickier parts. In spite of that, Death’s giant ghost is still strongly present in Nerlich and I’m not the one to complain about that a bit.

“Comdemned”, the fourth song off the demo, is a slight rip-off from a Demilich song called “And You’ll Remain (In Pieces of Nothingness)”. Well, now Iìm only referring to a few familiar rhythms in the very beginning of “Comdemned” which sounds very similar to that particular Demilich song. Also, one other thing just crossed my mind: if something is considered old school, then how can one possibly stay away from a guilty-as-charged rip-off stamp? In fact, I strongly would like to bet Nerlich has indeed tried their very best in order to achieve at least some reputation amongst the death metal community as a group that has got some understanding about where this type of an extreme metal music has originally been rooted from. They have succeeded in convincing me by their absolutely bombastic moments, so allow them to do the same thing for you as well.

Since the days of Sentenced’s NORTH FROM HERE album and Demigod’s SLUMBER OF SULLEN EYES, Iìm quite damn positive Nerlich will be the next, most potential nominee to conquer the very top of the Finnish Death Metal hill with their debut full-length album that will hopefully be released in the coming months. And keep in your minds folks who predicted this to you first.
Track Listing

01. Degenerating Process
02. Dissolve the Bodies
03. Inorganic Subhuman Echoes
04. Condemned
05. Flesh Deformation


Miikka Merikallio – Vocals & guitar
Jarno Nurmi– Guitar
Pekka Johansson – Bass
Teemu Mutka - Drums

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