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March 2006
Released: 2006, (TBA)
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This was kinda unexpecting for me to find out the Finnish old school deathsters Nerlich have been in the studio (at Cursed Studios), recording their debut full-length album in silence. Anyway, the band got 8 tracks recorded during 2 months and the result is, to be quite honest with all of you... just fuckin´ AMAZING!! I never expected to hear anything like this from them as the band´s previous 3-song promo that was put out last year, was simply lacking that important and vital punch that made them sound so great in all of their other two demo releases.

The band has obviously done their home work by taking a few extra working lessons with the material for this yet-unreleased-album, just to make sure they wouldn´t fail with their next release - and in fact, those ´extra lessons´ have truly paid off for them. The outcome on DEFABRICATED PROCESS is very punishing, highly entertaining and somewhat flawless. I mean, if you are a fan of SPIRITUAL HEALING -era Death blended together with BREEDING THE SPAWN -era Suffocation, then here´s definitely something for you. Nerlich have chosen 2 songs from 5-song 2004 demo and 2 songs from their last year´s promo - re-recorded them for their debut album, and the rest is new. Crushing, all-mangling riffs, insane drum work, heavy sounding bass parts supported by Miikka´s excellent death growls are all what make DEFABRICATED PROCESS quite a winner in the end as far as its old school sounding Death Metal goes.

The production on DEFABRICATED PROCESS is close to late ´80s / early 90´s production of some certain Death Metal records; it´s kinda unpolished, raw enough, warm, heavy - and thank God it hasn´t been ruined by any digital production a bit at all.

The band is currently seeking for a label to release this, so if you own a label, feel free to contact Nerlich.

(NOTE: The album cover is NOT the final one being presented in this review!)
Track Listing

01. Defabricated Process
02. Substantial Alteration
03. Insane Creations / Inorganic Echoes
04. Entity of Sickness
05. Imminent Reprisal
06. Mask for the Faceless
07. Condemned
08. On Sarcastic Impact


Miikka Merikallio – Vocals & guitar
Otso Kirvelä – Guitar
Tommy Metsälä - Bass
Teemu Mutka – Drums

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