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May 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Every once in a while you come across with a band that hits you like a severe bold from a beautiful sky. This happened to me with Finnish Death Metal newcomers Nerlich for not that long time ago. This threesome, obviously relatively young by age, have created something a very old-school yet familiar sounding Death Metal on their unnamed 4-song demo-CD that in fact, harks back to the times of Grave´s SEXUAL MUTILATION demo (´89) and even Death´s SCREAM BLOODY GORE –era (´87). Yes, you read right... those two Godz (for me at least!) of Death Metal are probably the nearest comparisons that crawled into my mind almost right away while I was spinning Nerlich´s surprisingly strong and somewhat amazingly well-done demo-CD in my computer. To be completely honest with you, I was quite much blown away by an ear-friendly abuse of totally cool elements that these fellows have ´borrowed´ from those two abovementioned pioneers of the whole Death Metal sound (Grave, for one example, for European and Death for American, to be more precise!). It would be even fair to say the guys have shamelessly opened a nearly untouched grave of the ancient heritage of an old-school Death Metal sound and robbed all of its jewels out from there back to the darkness of the night for their on selfish purposes. But fuck, I cannot say that I complain a bit ´coz Nerlich´s demo brings some good memories back to my mind when the tape trading scene was a big ´hit´ thing in the underground metal scene amongst all brothers and sisters into Heavy Metal music in general.

The 1st two songs off this 4-track offering, “Flesh Deformation” and “Dissolve the Bodies” contain relatively simple and easy-going riffages and rhythm changes, yet those riffs and rhythm changes that they have successfully managed to capture on their demo, offer so many warm and pleasing reminiscences from the past times of the whole Death Metal genre why you just cannot turn them down by an indifferent shrug of the shoulders (unless you are a completely ignorant fool, having no idea of some of the very roots of Death Metal, ha!). Also, the band´s vocalist/bassist named by his name Miikka manages occasionally to sound really damn convincing with his Jörgen “Knot”/”Evil” Chuck –imitation here and there on this recording . And since imitation can be considered as the best form of flattering, I guess, Miikka is forgiven this time, right me dear metalheads?

However, as the fact still remains unchanged, Nerlich´s demo-CD is absolutely intriguing old-school Death Metal wankerism at its best. This stuff turns me on... makes my tight and totally worn-out jeans look horny and wanting for more (... and now would someone politely tell me where THE HELL I left my dry pants?).
Track Listing

01. Flesh Deformation
02. Dissolve the Bodies
03. Machine of Devastation
04. Altered Form of Life


Miikka – Bass & vocals
Jarno - guitar
Lari – drums

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