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Perfect Storm - After the Rain World Tour 1991
January 2011
Released: 2010, Frontiers
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Thorsten Zwingelberg

Blondes have more fun. Certainly true in the case of the Nelson twins. Do you still remember when Gunnar and Nelson hit the charts from out of nowhere and climbed straight to the top with songs like “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection” or “More Than Ever”. The long-haired melodic Rockers got heavy rotation airplay on MTV, the girls passed out when they even heard the name and we loved the debut AFTER THE RAIN – we just didn’t admit it when we were out with the boys. 3 000 000 sold copies and more than 300 shows later, the band had entered the Hardrock Olymp, however, the emergence of something that became known as Grunge helped push hairspray and sleaze from MTV and Rock Radio.

20 years later, after their fantastic comeback album earlier this year, Italy-based Frontier Records digged out the, as it seems, only existing recording from the “After The Rain – Tour 1991. The 15 songs on their setlist cover everthing from “Only Time Will Tell” over straight rockers like “Two heads are better than one” to smash hits like “(Can’t live without your) love and affection”. You loved the brothers twenty years ago? You will love them today, since quality never goes out of style. PERFECT STORM – AFTER THE RAIN WORLD TOUR 1991 offers some good time AOR Rock that has a more popish twist sometimes and kicks bad ass the next minute.

Do the twins still rock? More than ever, baby! And by the way, ladies - I guess they still look cute!
Track Listing

01. On With The Show! 2:01
02. Fill You Up 5:20
03. More Than Ever 4:17
04. Only Time Will Tell 5:55
05. Uluru 4:40
06. Will You Love Me 4:57
07. Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection 4:37
08. Two Heads Are Better Than One 4:38
09. Bits And Pieces 4:18
10. After The Rain 6:08
11. The Legend 5:44
12. Thank You And Good Night 1:26
13. Interlude 1:50
14. Everywhere I Go 9:26
15. Keep One Heart (Bonus Track) 4:17


GUNNAR NELSON – Lead Vocals, Guitar
MATTHEW NELSON - Lead Vocals, Bass
BRETT GARSED - Vocals, Lead Guitar
JOEY CATCHCART - Vocals, Guitar
PAUL MIRKOVICH - Vocals, Keyboards

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