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Neil Turbin
Threat Con Delta
October 2003
Released: 2003, Metal Mayhem
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this ex-Anthrax vocalist who was virtually inactive for what seems like the better part of twenty years. However I went in with open ears thinking anything Turbin would do on his worst day will still better than anything Anthrax has done in the last ten years… and I was right.

Threat Con Delta is a very cool CD classic metal with strong hints of melody. It is no wonder the quality of the songs is high the guest list of who appeared on this CD is impressive! Dudes, past and present from bands like Quiet Riot, M.S.G., Dio, House of Lords, Rough Cutt, Malmsteen and many others make the songs even more impressive.

Neil outing is a generous slab o’ metal with 14 cuts, 11 originals and three cover tunes from AC/DC, Hendrix and a wild and very cool remake of the 1993 House of Lords track ‘Johnny’s Got A Mind of his Own’, (from Demons Down) now reworked and re-titled, ‘Wrecking Ball’. I always like that album and song and I’m glad it was resurrected in part by Neil.

Metal Mayhem has afforded Neil good packaging with all the lyrics and notes. The cover is pretty dull. With a cool title like THREATCON DELTA it could have been an awesome cover and booklet concept tied to the title but instead we get a booklet with nine pictures of Neil. Fair is his solo album after all!

Musically and lyrically this is great metal, I’m delighted to see that Neil has not fallen prey to image or so-called ‘modern’ sounds and productions maintaining a very traditional feel. Tunes like ‘Vigilante Justice’ and ‘Wake Up Call’ kick ass! The album does have a disjointed feel at times as it is virtually different musician on every track but htta is what solo albums are supposed to be and with Neil MIA for so many years there is really no set sound to compare this disc too, so it sounds oddly fresh.

Admittedly his voice does not really sound like it did back in the early days of anthrax…it is deeper, more power and fewer high-pitched vocals. Not bad by any means but just different. I hope he continues to have a long and lucrative solo career or better yet hook up with a band like Steel Prophet and put out solo albums on the side.
Track Listing

1. Wake Up Call
2. Cut To The Chase
3. What You Can’t Control
4. Sick Of It All
5. Keep The Fire
6. The Truth is The Best Lie
7. Blue Screen of Death
8. Dolly Dagger
9. Rat Race
10. Vigilante Justice
11. Touch Too Much
12. Wrecking Ball
13. Dog Eat Everything
Piece of Me


Neil Turbin-Vocals
21 Special Guests



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