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January 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Hardworking Italian Extreme Metal outfit Necrosy present their debut album, 'Perdition' and what an incredible debut it is. Considering the band is relatively young, with its inception being kick started by drumming machine Christian Giusto back in 2013 when he decided to explore the most extreme end of extreme metal by wanting to create music that screeches by at over 300bpm. Not content with just being one of the fastest, Guisto ensured his fellow band members contributed to a sound that is as atmospheric, melodic and technically tight as it is fast and brutal. As well as giving us a taste of things to come with a previous EP, it also served to enable the band to tour with the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Mortuary Drape and Hour of Pennance. It is most likely also thanks to this contact with these great bands that led Necrosy to team up with 16th Cellar Studio for the mixing stages of 'Perdition'.

Kicking off the album is 'Preludio' which perfectly embodies the stark and forlorn atmosphere that is evident throughout album. The lonesome guitar solo seemlessly leads us into the first track of the album, ' Drown Into Perdition (at 320bpm)' which is one of the strongest tracks of this record, featuring faultless and relentless technical drum riffs accompanied by solidly guttural vocals. The brief yet haunting interlude maintains the atmospheric twist that gives Necrosy's brand of extreme metal its uniqueness. Other strong tracks include 'Buried Inside Your Mental Walls' which vividly demonstrates the band's diversity, Skull rattling 'Impulsive Whisperings' with its brutal blast beats rarely letting up and the supremely groove-tastic 'Flesh Script', dishing out plenty of lethal guitar and drum riffs to make you contort your face in appreciation.

'Ascending Mourning' perhaps serves to display the band's ability to slow things down and play around with melodies, comparatively delicate drum fills and an overall less bone shaking sound, but it doesn't quite work. Instead it is one of the weaker tracks of the album and leaves one feeling somewhat underwhelmed. However, maybe this is just because the majority of the record has set the bar so high that the listener is expecting this level to remain consistent! Hey, nobody's perfect.

Necrosy manage to strike an implicit balance between melody, sheer heaviness and ambience- inducing synthesis and haunting samples, that has undoubtedly been achieved through dedicated musicianship, technical knowledge of the extreme metal genre, meticulous studio production and an ability by all parties involved to push the boundaries of said genre, resulting in an end product that is both enjoyable to listen to and a great display of technical finesse.

Review by Soozi Chameleone
Track Listing

1 - Preludio
2 - Drown Into Perdition (at 320 bpm)
3 - Sea Of Illusions
4 - Flesh Script
5 - Buried Inside Your Mental Walls
6 - Eternal Realms
7 - No Solution
8 - Impulsive Whisperings
9 - Ascending Mourning
10 - Abstract Vortex


Christian Giusto - Drums
Dario Bassi - Guitar
Denis Tonetto - Guitar
Leonardo Pasqualetto - Bass
Nico Rocca - Vocals

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