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April 2002
Released: n/a, Diehard
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There are a lot of these types of bands making the rounds right now… death-thrash. That’s OK, because it is a great combo of styles that I have been a fan of as far back as the pioneers, Demolition Hammer. This one maybe caught me at the right moment but damn, this beast is heavy and it ripped a strip right off me!

Not everything about this CD is perfect, the name alone, do we really need another band with the “necro” pre-fix? This is about the 15th by my count. The cover is a futuristic biomechanical monster absorbing a half naked chick, done in the style of Gieger, which has been done so many times before. However the cover art is well done if unoriginal. The packaging is well done with some cool photos, lyrics and so on.

The song titles and lyrics kick ass, love that opening track, “Biomechanical Death Machine! It just rips from go, no samples, no intros, just…BANG! Lyrically, the band stay the course with eleven, classic old-school themes, torture, mutilation, death, pain, suffering, zombies, corpses…like I said all the classics! Not extremely original but tunes like “Ramming The Blades” and “Rotten Games” will not disappoint those of you who like a little…blood ’n’ gore in their lyrics. The band even covers Slayers, Necrophiliac.

Musically the band is death metal no doubt, but they inject a modern edge of thrash that make the CD fast and punchy, and not just from blast-beats but from hyper-kinetic riffing at times. The vokillist has a great death growl with occasional higher moments but mostly low end roaring, not too much gurgling, (experienced death fans will know what I mean) which is odd because the vocalist/bassist “Max”, is listed as “Basstard vibes of doom and low gurgling”. The rest of the band is tight and technically proficient but don’t let progressive elements like odd time-changes and so on get in the way of wave upon wave of crushing death. I could go on but for fans of the genre (which almost goes without saying) this is a recommended purchase. You can learn more about this solid 4 piece from Italy at the website.

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