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Pathfinder ... Between Heaven and Hell
January 2016
Released: 2015, Trollzorn
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Necronomicon are a cult German Thrash / Heavy Metal band that formed in 1984, releasing three albums in the late 80s.Like other German bands such as Grave Digger and Destruction their fortunes diminished as the 90s dawned and Necronomicon released an album in 1994, waiting ten years until 2004 until releasing a new album.They built on the their legacy releasing regular albums and regaining lost ground. I wonder how many band that you would see on a Steamhammer compilation faded in the 90s and came back?

This leads to the new album, Pathfinder ... Between Heaven and Hell. They still sound like German Thrash but this time they have produced a more ambitious album. Starting with spoken word, setting the scene for the title track and a brilliant start to the song. I was impressed when second song Betrayed started as it was faster and angrier than track one, then Inside the Fire, track three and it was even faster.

Although the vocals are harsh there are lots of Halfordisms in the pronunciation and once Reborn starts the guitars also sound like they do on the Painkiller album. There also hints of the Halford solo album Resurrection in the rest of the songs. Guitars solos are a little scarce with is a shame as the one in the track Reborn is brilliantly melodic adding a nice contrast to the harshness.

I sometimes find bands such as Sodom and their ilk a little bit samey but not with this album. Even with the mid album slow down there is enough going on to keep it interesting.

Onto the production which I find important. Many an album that could be great has been let down with a bad production, sometimes with one instrument buried in the mix. Pathfinder have the levels on all instruments perfectly balanced, sounding raw without being too polished and pro-tooled.

If these guys have been around since 1984 they must be in their late 40s, possibly 50s but credit to these guys, they sound energetic, youthful, angry but with the enjoyment shining through.

Get them to Bloodstock now !!!!!
Track Listing

01. Pathfinder... Between Heaven And Hell
02. Betrayed
03. Inside The Fire
04. Reborn
05. Under The Gun
06. We Are The League
07. Alone In The Dark
08. Farewell To A Friend
09. Monster
10. Out Of Hell
11. Killing Pain (BONUSTRACK)


Freddy - vocals, guitar
Mike - guitar, backing vocals
Chris - drums
Marco - bass, backing vocals

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