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The Endurance at Night
September 2016
Released: 2016, Cacophonous Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The British black metal scene is as bustling as it has ever been, with Necronautical, although not a new act, making a sharp re-emergence with this second album- ‘The Endurance at Night.’

I was big fan of their independently released debut, and after enjoying vocalist Naut excel in fellow UK band Ethereal, I was excited to hear how this project had evolved over the last two years.

Considering the relatively short space of time, Necronautical have evolved massively . Opener ‘Pure Moon’ sets the mood with a haunting and grandiose ambient intro, before a frantic and unorthodox style of black gives way to that hurling swing that characterised their debut.

Although only seven tracks long, the album shows great diversity, from the uber-human speed of ‘Nihilartikel’ to the sincere and melancholy closer ‘Theia’. The strong-songwriting values and effort on creating memorable choruses remains from the debut album, although at times everything sounds overly clustered with layers of guitars, orchestration, and drum beats so fast they almost double over.

The added symphonic elements create the most issues, verging on Dimmu Borgir-esque cheesiness with ‘Spitzenkörper’, but overall, this adds a new dimension which helps keep this record interesting, best shown by the minimalist organ melody on ‘Oceanus Procellarum’

Most importantly, however, Necronautical have created their own style here, with their own supernormal atmosphere and lyrics of fraternal camaraderie, best displayed on the the ten minute 'Strom', which takes underground metal to new epic peaks of heightened sensations, with choral keyboards to rouse your spirits and heartfelt soiling to tug at all your emotions. This is a record you can get excited about, and it's wonderful to hear four musicians pushing the boat out to create the most innovative and ferocious extreme metal that is passionately possible. I urge you to check this out!

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Pure Moon
2. Nihilartikel
3. Spitzenkörper
4. Oceanus Procellarum
5. Strom
6. The Endurance at Night
7. Theia


Anchorite- Bass
Naut- Guitars, Vocals
Carcarrion- Guitars
Slugh- Drums

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