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Black Sea Misanthropy
August 2014
Released: 2014, self released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having had my eye on this band since they first started rehearsing quite a few years ago, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review NECRONAUTICAL’S debut album. With heavy ocean based themes, the name refers to a person who experiments with near-death experiences in order to explore the underworld. Its members describe the concept behind the band as a cluster of musicians using the medium of extreme blackened metal in order to disconnect from reality and to espouse the thought that true freedom of the spirit is found beyond the monotony of modern human existence.

“Come Hell or High Water” offers an ambient intro which certainly feels suitable as I look out my window at the sea on a stormy morning, the riffs combine black and death metal with a very evil edge and the drumming is so well mixed in and echoed that it adds to the atmosphere, which I feel is very accurately portrayed as the excellent cover artwork on the CD. Title track “Black Sea Misanthropy” brings influences from Carach Angren and possibly even Children Of Bodom into the mix, with standard medium pitched black metal vocals performed to a reasonable standard by Naut, however it is certainly the music that makes this record what it is. The grooves are irresistible, the brutal moments are as intense as they come, and the atmospheres couldn’t be better suited to what Necronautical claims to offer.

The smooth guitar playing and eerie harmonies of “Dominion” show of the talent of guitarists Naut and Caccarrion, and the undercurrents of beauty layered in through keyboard work definitely add to the depth and quality of the band’s sound. Strong death metal riffing is prominent in “Pride of the Great Colossus”.

Although the bass is difficult to hear, Anchorite’s talents do not go a miss, as anybody who reads the lyrics of this album will be impressed. Each line is proud and strong, and while not poetic, certainly well-crafted and thought out. It is difficult to find much to fault in NECRONAUTICAL, all of their aspects make them one of the best contemporary UK black metal bands in a thriving scene. Highlight tracks- “Pride in the Great Colossus” and “Come Hell or High Water”.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Come Hell or High Water
2. Black Sea Misanthropy
3. Ghosts of Men
4. Dominion
5. Abyssal Gigantism
6. Pride in the Great Colossus
7. The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration


NAUT - Voice, Guitar, Drums & Audio Destruction. CARCARRION - Guitar ANCHORITE - Bass Guitar *****DRUMMER NEEDED*****

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