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Peccata Mundi
November 2001
Released: 2001, HammerHeart Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

Hah! I got totally fooled by the band's logo being extremely messy and confusing indeed and I for one managed to link them to one old thrash metal combo from Germany. The necromicon name already sounds and looks very similar to that certain German thrash band. Then did they really have pick up just another Necro for a name?!? Some imagination could have been used when making up a name I think. Anyway as for the musical side, well firstly I gotta point out the sound policy being extremely lousy and the stuff could be described as some kind of death metal with melodic black metal parts added with the keyboard. Somehow the old now defunct the Belgium Blasphemereion occurs to my mind when cranking up Peccata Mundi. Now becoming familiar with Necromicon's stuff I know to avoid their other albums in the future. Listening to Peccata Mundi was already a nightmarish and painful experience aarggh.
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» Peccata Mundi
by Arto Lehtinen

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