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August 2017
Released: 2017, Mandus Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The self-titled album from Necromandus with the whole story of the band is a really interesting one. The English band started its career in the late '60s and by 1973 they had a debut album ready. That was produced by the mastermind Tommy Iommi and Vertigo wanted to release the album. The band supported Black Sabbath on tours. Due to an unclear reason, the release dates of the album were continually pushed back and the lead guitarist left as a result of this. Iommi didn't believe that they could find a good replacement, Vertigo dropped the band, they shelved the album and the band fell apart (some of the musicians played for Ozzy in 1976). Later - much later - a bootleg version of the album came out on the name ‘Orexis Of Death’ - listed incorrect song titles and erroneously tried to sell the band as doom metal pioneers. Howeve, they did give this once-forgotten artefact a long-overdue global profile and acclaim, getting the name buzzing on the lips of collectors, connoisseurs and rock archaeologists worldwide. By the time of 2010s official reissue three members of the original line-up had all died.

So in 2016 the band has reformed with a new line-up to record a new album based on some recordings the band made back in the '70s. They found some tapes with recordings of the original band members, they put the first single 'Don't Look Down Frank' (which they originally wanted to release in the early 70s before the first album) on the album and wrote some new songs. This became 'Necromandus'.

The cover art of the album is amazing. A beautiful painting about a dark ritual at night, close to the ruins of a castle. What else you need? Necromandus' logo is top notch too. The whole cover shouts it in your face that this is something dark and heavy. Doom.

I could write pages about the songs, but what for? That 4/5 says everything. The songs are really good and different from each other yet still Necromandus so there is no boring part of the album. The only reason I gave 'only' 4 out of 5 for this album it is because it's 2017. If this album had come out in let's say 1974 or 1975 we would all know about Necromandus and they would be one of the biggest names in the metal history as pioneers of doom and heavy metal. At least they have a proper record now and the long tale of this forgotten miracle has a happy ending. Which they have always deserved.
Track Listing

01. Don't Look Down Frank
02. Alauna
03. Limpert Man
04. Hymn To Her
05. I've Been Evil
06. Gargoyles Awake
07. Scream
08. Borderlands
09. The Warriors
10. Hardknott
11. And She Smiles


John Branch – vocals
Frank Hall – drum
Dean Newton – guitar
John Marcangelo – keyboards
Banjo Cunanan – bass

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