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The Age Of Fear
June 2011
Released: 2011, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

We generally don’t spend too much energy focusing on compilation or ‘Best of’ reviews here at However, THE AGE OF FEAR is kind of a 25th Anniversary thing and they deserve the respect and attention so this is a bit of a public service announcement.

Aside from having one of the coolest band names in Metal. Think about it Necro=Death so…Death Death? Awesome! I’m not being sarcastic either, it is a very cool name. Having said that I’m not the world’s biggest Necrodeath fan. I bought FRAGMENTS OF INSANITY way back and I was not totally impressed. It was good, but not mind-blowing. The band fell off my Metal radar checked in again several years later with 100% HELL. The band has been incredibly productive churning out 7 albums in 11 years since reforming in 1999.

So here we are in 2011 with a very decent career retrospective on their longtime home Scarlet Records. There are a generous 15 tracks for an hour of great music. The cuts are spread evenly across the bands career with all 9 albums getting representation in (roughly) reverse chronological order from most recent to oldest.

There is not much in the way of new material except a live version of ‘The Theory’ from PHYLOGENESIS and an alternate version of ‘Queen Of Desire’ from TON(E)S OF HATE. To be honest I am reviewing a digital copy so I can’t comment on packaging. That factor may be the make or break decision, namely if the package has tons of cool material it might be worthwhile, despite a bit of a lack of rare or unreleased material.

For me I think this is a great comp, it gets me caught up on the band a little bit. For a die-hard Necrodeath fan that has all the albums you will want it for the couple of cool rarities and a nice encapsulation of their career. You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned music at all in this review yet! If you are in the market for some Necrodeath and have never heard the band, THE AGE OF FEAR is a great place to start. These Italians have been churning out high-quality gut-wrenching Blackened Death before it was cool to do so. Guttural vocals, punishing drums, lots of ripping solos and the occasional atmospheric gothic styled interlude all contribute to a really classy band that has been (in my limited experience) consistently high quality.
Track Listing

1. Mater Tenebrarum
2. Awakening of Dawn
3. I.N.R.I
4. Smell of Blood
5. Master of Morphine
6. Forever Slave
7. Queen of Desire
8. Burn and Deny
9. Hate and Scorn
10. Flame of Malignance
11. Eucharistical Sacrifice
12. At The Mountains of Madness
13. The Theory (live)
14. Queen of Desire (Onyric Version)
15. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)


Current Line-up.

Flegias Vocals
Pier Gonella Guitars
GL Bass
Marco "Peso" Pesenti Drums

Various ex-members on various songs

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