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Naer Mataron
River At Dash Scalding
October 2003
Released: 2003, Black Lotus
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The good people at Black Lotus have sent us a number of new releases and I am going to do a little focus on four releases on this veteran Greek label. Enjoy the reviews (Bullethole, Enshadowed, Hortus Animae, Naer Mataron) and don’t forget to check out our Black Lotus contest in our contest section. The answers to the trivia contest are found in these reviews so read all of them carefully and enter for your chance to win a CD from Black Lotus!

My interest in this band was immediately aroused with the very unique and curious title RIVER AT DASH SCALDING. It seems quite different for a Black Metal band. This Hellenic trio has been around for several years and this the third full-length CD and fourth release over including a rare vinyl EP.

Naer Mataron have taken the some of the original concepts of Black Metal as having originated for the most part in Scandinavia, namely reject of Christian philosophy and at times a return to ancient times and elder gods. These Greeks take this same concept but apply it to Greek history and culture which as historians tell us is fraught with religious wars of conquest and domination. There are many interesting references to ancient Hellenic culture that in al honesty I don’t understand.

These guys are pretty extreme in terms of image, sound , production…this is the real stuff. Some might question it’s legitimacy or authenticity in the years 2003 but musically it is top-notch black metal. The band look extremely evil but not completely blasphemous…there are no upside-down crosses or crucified doves and the like but the minimalist corpse-paint is effective as are the giant battle axes the band wield.

A new member, the drummer know as Warhead is a force to be reckoned with, as he is fast (very fast in fact) but without resorting to blast-beats all the time. His use of fills, rolls and cymbal work make him an interesting component. The guitar tone is a traditional black metal thin and warbly, not many 80’s style solos with finger-tapping and whammy bar to be found here!

The vocals are inhuman and mixed quite far back in the mix at times almost drowned out by the guitar. The production is bad (on purpose) and the mix is bad (on purpose). Naer Mataron reveal some of their influence as they choose to cove ‘The Plunderer’ by Ved Buens Ende, which I think is the first time I’ve seen this band covered. Decent packaging, interesting lyrics and a brutally raw, minimalist sound would make Naer Mataron a welcome choice for fans of early years Emporer, Enslaved and Darkthrone.
Track Listing

1. As The Clouds of War Gather
2. The Continuity of Land of Blood
3. The Great Meridian Tide
4. Revolt Against The Modern World
5. The Life and Death of Europa
a) Cosmogonia (Life)
b) Kalki The Avenger-Lightning
c) And The Sun (Death)
6. The Triumph of Will
7. Ancestor Worship
8. Salvatores Dei
9. The Plunderer


Morpheas-Vocals, Guitars



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