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September 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It began as Vain in 1996, then continued under anew moniker Sepulchral in 1997 ´til, a year after, the name was changed again to its final name Necrocide in 1998. Also, the band´s musical style was change a bit back then; from a ´Vampire´ Death Metal (woah... wonder how the hell that may have sounded like...?!) toward more into ´Grind´ Death Metal. And that´s all the history of Necrocide in a tiny nutshell basically...

Necrocide´s 1st demo was unleashed in 2000 already which I haven´t heard myself at all –containing 7 songs that date back to the time of Sepulchral even. “The Second Killing”, as the title suggests, is the band´s 2nd offering under Necrocide – and it´s a pretty decent release after all with some of occasional elements here and there that bring Deicide to my mind from time to time due to some similar riff attacks Deicide uses in their songs; you know, those specific riffs that want to hurt you, slice your flesh to some pathetic pieces, ha! Necrocide´s growler Victor has obviously learnt his Benton –mannerism quite well as at times he almost reaches the same level vocally to sound like Deicide´s Benton.

So this is not that bad stuff by any means. Just think of a bit less technical Deicide with a more grindy approach and you have come pretty close to what THE SECOND KILLING is musically all about. My favorite track is “Butchery” on this relatively promising 4-song demo which has the strongest Deicide –vibe in it. With a better production, THE 2ND KILLING would stand out far better even, I think.

(3.4 out of 5)

On DECLARATION OF GORE Necrocide has strengthened their grip as far as all these comparisons to Deicide´s world of sounds are concerned. They seem to rely on the safe musical formula that Deicide has once invented, but who could really blame on them for that because it´s a killer yet largely accepted formula after all, right folks? Also, you are able to hear from everything basically that the fellows of Necrocide have been gathering together at a rehearsal room more than just once or twice in a month and keeping on rehearsing new stuff constantly as a certain amount of musical development has taken place in their ability to write better and more well-structured songs. Like I already mentioned earlier, comparisons to Deicide are just unavoidable because they seem to have a serious strive to sound like them. The more, the better, I assume. Need a proof? “Tattered Throat” has it all; fuckin´ killer riffs, intense solo outbursts, somewhat tricky rhythm changes, kinda effective ´Bentonish´ vocal parts and overall lots of variation to be sort of a “King of the Kings” tunes off DECLARATION OF GORE. Also, there´s some improvement production-wise compared to the band´s previous art of an aggressive and savage blasphemy, so to sum this all up, Necrocide is definitely moving forward when talking about their song writing skills even if they hardly have any intention to be one of the most original and unique sounding Death Metal bands on this globe. At least they can be credited for being a skillful and interesting enough act to win a few pair of curious ears from here and there to their side, so be fair and give them this chance at least.

(3.6 out of 5)
Track Listing

Track listing for THE 2ND KILLING

01. Bloodbath... and Beyond
02. Dead, Eaten, Pulverized
03. Incestuous Necrophilia
04. Butchery

Track listing for DECLARATION OF GORE

01. Intro: The Core of Savage Hatred
02. Eat the Foetus
03. Sodomized by My Axe
04. Tattered Throat


Victor Brandt – Vocals
Roberth Svensson – Guitar
Pär Sving – Guitar, backing vocals
Peter Söderlund – Bass
Tommy holmer - Drums

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