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Destination: Nulle Part
December 2008
Released: 2008, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Gore, blasphemy and violence. Three words that are much-talked topics inside the French death metal act called Necroblaspheme when the band is in the middle of songwriting process, and trying find suitable lyrics around their madly raging death metal, just to give more shock value for people.

Necroblaspheme released their debut album in 2002 (titled INTRODUCING PURE VIOLENCE), which gathered pretty good feedback. This French quintet´s 2nd album, titled DESTINATION: NULLE PART, has now been released by a Polish label Agonia Records, which introduces these French deathsters more aggressive and more brutal than ever before.

Now having said all that, Necroblaspheme play brutal, crushing and all-mangling death metal that has got some elements from both European as well as American death metal, containing lots of tornado-like blast-beat tirades, some slower drop-dead heavy sections, some more experimental moments, etc. - all this coated with Yann´s deep, nearly ´croaking´ type of death growls. The guitars´ sound is delightfully crisp, heavy and clear, which is exactly what I expect to hear from my daily dose of extreme metal. Variety in their song structures is also something that seems to carry their songs way better than what some many other death metal bands of today have managed to get out from themselves lately, in terms of creative and well-thought-out songwriting. Necroblaspheme differ from the usual pack by having at least a poke or two towards some sort of originality, which makes the whole album a bit more worthwhile in that sense. It takes a few spins to hear what´s going on DESTINATION… due to the variety they have got behind the songs, but once you get more familiar with the band´s little pieces of gory blasphemies, it truly pays off.

Having enjoyed the DESTINATION album the best I can, I gotta admit that Necroblaspheme was a pleasant and intriguing introduction into French death metal territory for me personally, since I have not heard of anything from them before. So, eh… Viva la French death metal!
Track Listing

01. All in Vain, All in Veins
02. After All
03. Descent's Genesis
04. 2H40min A.M
05. Sorry for Us/Me
06. "??? > I "
07. Wounded
08. Thoughts Close at End
09. Nameless


Yann - Vocals
Christophe - Guitar
Charlie - Guitar
Xavier - Bass
Olivier - Drums

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