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May 2001
Released: 2001, Sub Pop
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Wisco

Stoner it Metal or not? Well, of course, that is strictly a matter of opinion. In my world, Stoner Rock is definitely Metal. I was weaned on 70's Hard Rock, was raised on Metal and the transition between the two was a smooth one. Back in the day, the definition of Metal was rather broad. Everything from KISS to Van Halen was considered Metal. Most young metallions, or so it seems, consider KISS and VH to be Hard Rock, but this tag is a direct result of the juxtaposition between 70's rock and the heavy extremes that followed. 

Let it be known that bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Nebula ain't retro!!! They use elements of 70's fuzz and riffage, but push these elements to new levels. The shit is heavy and it's Metal to be sure (in my rather humble opinion). Direct descendants of Sabbath, the Nuge and Blue Oyster Cult, just to name a few, this "new breed" has established themselves a home on the border town between Hard Rock and METAL!!! O.K., enough of my yacking, on to Nebula!!!

Nebula has been cranking out their super-charged riffs for awhile now. Last year, their semi-major label debut, TO THE CENTER, was the culmination of the burning energy they got rollin¹ in the latter part of the 90's. However, their latest effort, CHARGED, sees Nebula down shifting gears a bit. The intensity has been eased in favor of an acoustic stomp. CHARGED, in effect, is Nebula¹s LED ZEPPELIN III. Don't get me wrong, it rocks (as does LED ZEPPELIN III), but in an organic sorta way. Don't fear Nebula fans, this isn't a bad thing and they do switch on the jets here and there. My favorite tune is the closer, "All the Way." Very trippy, relatively slow and very, very heavy. A transition album to be sure...let's see if Nebula lets loose with a ZEPPELIN IV next time 'round!!!
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