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August 2008
Released: 2008, Massacre Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

As the band name hints, this act comes from Germany and was put together when members from Black Sheep and Paimon joined forces. The band they started was Nachtgeschrei and it is a 7 –piece act that has performed on both festivals and as a support act. The bands music is described as medieval metal and I can almost agree. It is medieval but the music also has a touch of folk music and melodic rock.

The tempo is pretty much the same through the entire album which feels quite boring, and to be honest there’s nothing much going on overall on this debut album. There are a few heavier guitar riffs flying by here and there but that is about it. Despite the fact that the band has two guitar player there’s nothing much going on in the guitar department. To make it even more boring the band has decided to sing in German which maybe is nice when you understand what they’re singing about. Which they only do in Germany and nearby countries. This debut album is a sorry excuse for a record and every element on the album feels weak and very pale. Even though I can’t understand what they’re singing about I understand that it’s a waste of time listening to the disc.

The lead singer sounds awful and the only positive thing I can find here is that the musicians are quite skilled, but that’s about it. The 12 songs feel way too long and I can’t believe that I have thrown away at least 50 minutes of my life listening to this crap. 50 minutes is the time of the album and that’s 50 minutes I’ll never get back. Maybe this band is huge in Germany I don’t know and I don’t even care.
Track Listing

Intro Hoffnungsschimmer
Rauber Der Nacht
Deine Spur
Drei Lugen
Lass Mich Raus
Die Flügel
Das Spiel
Der Meister
Reise Zu Den Seen


Hotti – vocals, guitar
Joe – accordion
Nik – flute
Tilman – guitar
Sane – guitar
Oli – bass
Danu – drums

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