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Esclave du vice
April 2004
Released: 2004, Nothing To Say
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Another power metal band has emerged from Europe. This time the band is not from Germany or Sweden, but from the lesser-known scene from France (Laon in Northern France to be exact). Malediction is a new band to me, having only one previous full-length release from 2001 and a demo from 1999.

ESCLAVE DU VICE (roughly translates to ‘Slave of vice’) is a good album overall showing the band playing in the aggressive power metal style with a mixture of traditional metal and hints of thrash metal in some of the riffing. Although this is good stuff, I think it will appeal to people are who deeply into power metal first and foremost. This is not Stratovarius or Rhapsody styled power metal. In most places it is more along the lines of straight ahead metal with power overtones. There is no over abundance of keys, choirs, orchestration, or other items that turn some listeners off. A point that will be a stumbling black for some is that the songs are all sung in French. I can listen to metal bands that sing in other languages, but in small doses since I actually prefer to know what they are singing about…that is unless the band’s music is totally godly and I can overlook the lyrics/vocals. Since the music here is not godly, but “decent”, I had a hard time distinguishing the songs from one another or really getting into the CD too much.

I don't foresee myself spinning this CD a lot in the future, which is too bad because the band have all the right ideas in place with some great guitar work. The band might not be that original but what they play they play well. Maybe they will consider signing in English for the next album, or maybe they are content to focus on the audience in France...we'll see.
Track Listing

01. Dans ma Mémoire
02. Absynthe
03. Justice Assassine
04. Martyr
05. Conspirations
06. Hérésie
07. Esclave du Vice
08. Vers l'Enfer
09. Au Royaume d'Hadès


Sylvain Mollard – guitar, vocals
Mathieu Poulain – guitar
Olivier Messaoui - bass
Franck Légé - drums

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