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The Hordes of Annihilation E.P.
December 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The name, Malecoda, comes from the famous book, "Dante's Inferno" - known as the "Commander Of All Demons" within Hell. This name was chosen to be the name of their band by 3 death metal maniacs from New Jersey, U.S.A. in 2008, the purpose being to create totally annihilating death metal that would have a 6-ton bulldozer effect on its listener - I mean, after it has rolled over you.

After a really cool sounding intro ("Invocation of Extinction"), all hordes of annihilation seem to get released fully armed from toes up to the teeth. This sounds like pretty decent death metal with lots of blast-beats used, totally crushing and heavy walls of riffs, some good leads and Ross Dolan type of dark and deep death growls. Good stuff here! "The Abominable Sin" is an even better tune - with a less senseless rage of blast-beats, some killer riffs and good melodies to lighten up the song´s limb-heavy atmosphere a little bit. Again, Matt impresses with his strong death grunts - and that´s exactly one of those things what a death metal band really needs, too: A strong vocalist that never fails to impress with his voice.

"Inhuman Suffering" is only an acoustic instrumental with some spoken words and sound effects in it - and it´s kind of like a prelude for this E.P.´s third and last song, "Angel Overthrown". There´s a faint Krisiun vibe in this tune; thanks to hyper-fast blast-beat attacks that run behind the song like a tuned-up and uncontrolled earth-mover which hates all humans and kills them by driving over them mercilessly - or whatever, ha! At least you should get a picture of what I mean. This sounds all good, brutal, dark and powerful death metal to my ears although I can only hope they could record their next effort with a real drummer. When drums get programmed, it always tend to turn them a bit too robotic-sounding - and that´s not a good thing when thinking of death metal´s real values and purpose, which are to sound at least a bit dirty, unpolished and first and foremost, authentic and vibrant. If they can get rid of the programmed drums on their next output, then we may have a pretty noteworthy death metal force here - definitely!
Track Listing

01. Invocation to Extinction
02. The Hordes of Annihilation
03. The Abominable Sin
04. Inhuman Suffering [Instrumental]
05. Angel Overthrown


Matt McGrath - Vocals, guitar, samples, synth and programming
Randy Cavanaugh - Guitar
Will Rivera - Bass

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