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Trinity Overture
October 2001
Released: 2000, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Majestic’s debut ABSTRACT SYMPHONY came out in 1999 and it received allot of attention around Europe and Japan. Majestic got to be the opening act to the Danish melodic metal band Pretty Maids during their 1999 tour. After differences of opinion within the band, almost the whole band split. The band leader Rickard Andersson had to find new members for the second record. The only original member in the band besides Rickard was the bassist Martin Wezowski.

In 2000 record number two was released. New members in the band were Peter Wildoer (drums), Magnus Nordh (guitars), Apollo Papathanasio (lead vocals), Martin (bass) and Rickard on keyboards. The neoclassical metal style of Majestic is very good and almost magic compared to the debut. The music on the first record is quite good but the lead singer spoiled everything with his voice. Part of it is very much similar to Yngwie Malmsteen but instead of guitars Rickard´s keyboard and Apollo´s voice dominates the sound-picture. Apollo is a splendid talent and he really knows how to sing. Magnus has great talent on guitar and is promising. He has the potential to be a guitar-hero in a couple of years.

There are ten songs on the new record. The record starts with the instrumental song “Entering the arena” where both Magnus and Rickard show their skill as musicians. “Voodoo treasure”, “The rapture of Canaan”, “I´ll shoot the moon” are all songs where Apollo shows what a clever singer he is. Rickard, wow, he really knows how to handle the keyboards. On odd song and a bit outstanding is “Curtain of fire” where Apollo goes up with the music on higher levels and that is a mess! This song is the fastest song on the record. Apollo´s voice and Rickard´s keyboard have a very beautiful tone together in this ballad “The breath of Horus”. At last comes the killer title track and Rickard impresses again. There isn´t a single bad song in this album. This is top notch neoclassical metal.

Majestic deserves all the attention they can get because this is really, really good. Rickard is responsible for all music and lyrics and arrangements on the record. This record was recorded at Roasting House Recording Studio AB in Malmö Sweden and produced by Rickard Andersson / Anders “Theo” Theander. There is nothing to complain about with this production. It is really heavy and Theander should stick to neoclassical metal and melodic metal like Last Tribe. For more information about Majestic visit their page
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» Trinity Overture
by Anders Sandvall

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