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From The Sun, The Rain, The Wind, The Soil
September 2006
Released: 2006, Escapi Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is a debuting band from New York with roots in Israel, Jamaica and Poland. This album was previously released exclusively in Europe, but under the shorter and more suitable name GO WITH THE NO. It has now been remastered, and two bonus tracks are added.

Well this is some kind of strange mixture of black ethnorock/progressive doom metal and tribal rock; Mahavatar calls the music “world metal”. And yes, the music may be original but that doesn’t justify its lousiness.

Lizza hisses, growls, whispers, and sings some kind of strange lyrics in between the bearable songs. This sad album only gives me a headache, and when I discovered that the album has 10 songs I almost cried. It almosts feels like the album never ends, and a really bad thing was that I couldn’t even remember one single song when I threw the album from my stereo.

I considered myself a man with a wide taste in music and with favorite bands in almost every genre, but Mahavatar can’t be counted in one of those. Buy the album if you want a challenge, but I’d rather advise you not to.
Track Listing

The Prophecy
By The Numbers
Open You Minds
Deep Cobble
The Time Has Come


Lizza Hasan – lead vocals
Karla Williams – guitar
Shahar – guitar
Eran – drums
Szyman – bass

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