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Mr. Dead
Long Live The New Flesh
February 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Rick

From the hot Phoenix desert with the intensity of a young Nevermore and the style of the recently disbanded Lefay (R.I.P.) comes Mr. Dead. This great young band has burst onto the Arizona metal scene with the intense purpose of busting it to shreds. Formed in 1997 the band released their debut CD, The Killing Floor, in 1998. After the recording of that CD, Mr. Dead signed on a new vocalist by the name of J-Man. The lineup now consisted of J-Man on vocals, Jeff Miers: guitar, Weston Gillespie: guitar, Chris Keener: drums and Joe Dazey on bass. The band then released the disc Long Live The New Flesh . After the release of this disc Mr. Dead toured in their own area and subsequently won the award for Arizona’s Favourite Metal Band in January of 2001.

Mr. Dead waste no time and open the disc with the track "The Undertaker". The chugging verse that turns into all out thrashy chorus is a great way to open a disc. "Mind Demons" has a slight Megadeth feel where J-Man actually sounds like bastard son of James Hetfield. Great sound and a very good track. "Trading Pains" gets into a groove and just doesn’t let go. One of my favourite songs on the disc is "Rest In Peace". This is a haunting track that has a crunchy riff that just gets stuck in your head. Other strong tracks are "Twisted" which is slightly in the Lefay Vein and "Broken Pieces" , the CD closer, where J-Man gives a more aggressive vocal perforance.

Again I want to dwell on the productiona bit. For an independent disc Mr. Dead have a great production for this disc. As I have said before this is a big plus for me, and many others, who often get turned off from good band by an awful production job. That being said I would have liked t o have seen one difference with this CD. I would have liked J-Man to have been a bit more aggressive when it came to his vocals. The times that he did throw more aggression into his voice the tunes were just lifted to a new level. That is onlya minor, minor problem but I think it would greatly enhance the sound of Mr. Dead. Overall this is a great release and I expect to hear great things for a long time from Mr. Dead!!!
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