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Must Missa
The Target of Hate
January 2010
Released: 2005, Nailboard Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Tom G. Warrior of the mighty Celtic Frost going more toward thrash? How would it sound like exactly? Like this already disbanded Estonian black-thrash trio Must Missa? Perhaps, you just never know that completely for sure.

It's a real shame that Must Missa is no longer with us. I have seen them 2 separate times playing live in Finland, and they were lots of fun to watch playing onstage, playing their songs to a packed, crazy Finnish crowd. They certainly made their audience to bang their heads, whip their long hair and showing their undying gratitude and support to the guys in so many other ways as well.

THE TARGET OF HATE, Must Missa's 2nd album (and the first in which they have changed their language from Estonian to English) - containing 8 new songs from this relentless Estonian trio, is one rockin' straightforward march of dirty and scabby-sounding, slightly Hellhammer / Celtic Frost / Sodom-tinged blackened thrash metal. The band's black-thrash tends to sound simple most of the time, but who says in the first place thrash metal should always be full of hard-to-follow riffs, unusual tempo changes, saturated with complicated solos, etc. in order to work? No, it should not, as Must Missa proves it with all 8 songs they have recorded for their 2nd effort. It's a testosterone-reeking package of crisp and heavy sounding thrash metal that brings things back to the basics really, loaded with lots of unrelenting energy that simply bursts through their songs in a nice and catchy way. Seems like a trio is kind of the optimal line-up for many bands (early Celtic Frost, early Destruction, early Sodom, early Kreator – and the list goes on and on and on endlessly) to make it work like a well-oiled machine - and Must Missa is no exception to that rule either.

Must Missa's THE TARGET OF HATE album has the balls to sound simple, raw and heavy. That's all they needed when they were still around. Up next I am going to count to 3, and do my best typical T.G. Warrior 'grunt-groan' - and you will rush to a record store to pick this album up for yourself (or order it somewhere from the internet - it´s your choice now), ok? One, two, three: (*fails miserably to sound the mighty T.G. Warrior*).
Track Listing

01. Madness Reigns
02. The Scapegoat
03. You Filthy Pig
04. Holy Disease
05. Human Target
06. Pure Hate
07. Overloaded Maniac
08. Our Future Is Black


Viking - Vocals, bass & guitar
Ank - Guitar & vocals
Sus - Drums & vocals

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