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August 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This is more of a demo than anything. I’m always torn when I get discs like this. No packaging, very little info. I always feel it is a better to take the time and little extra money to put together a professional looking disc. This did nothing to grab my attention. That’s OK, that’s the fine-line difference between demos and independent releases.

Motive are a three piece from Arizona and have produced this very decent four song, 14 minute disc. Nasty, brutish and short. I had to rely on the net for info about the band which I feel is a mistake on the bands part. What if you have access to the web? I’d would know virtually nothing about this act. At least include a written bio next time! It’s not because I’m too lazy to go look it up on the net but some reviewers might not bother, so by including material, everyone wins. End of lecture. By looking at the web-site, their debut indie album was fully packaged so we will give Motive the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a lack of time and money.

These guys are tight and super professional. They have played with dozens of “name” bands and toured all over the US. They play a very solid style of heavy fucking metal! Very heavy indeed, they have elements of death, thrash and even slight touches of power metal which make a interesting listen. The sound is a very heavy, almost downtuned sound but not quite. They remind me of bludgeon for some reason, really heavy without descending into the frantic hyper-riffing of thrash but fast enough to avoid a straight death metal tag.

I didn’t completely like vocal style and I felt it detracted a bit from the whole. Steve Buschart seemed a bit strained and he seemed to talk/ yell more than actually try to sing. The vocal harmonies were virtually non-existent, leaving the vokills, while ultimately very brutallic, displaying a little (gasp) a little rap influence? That is just my personal gripe, I have never liked the Anselmo, or Flynn style of singing. In fact the production and song writing style did have modern shades of Pantera and Machine Head but ultimately waaay heavier than anything either of those bands could hope to accomplish. The guitars while again crushing and heavy, lacked harmony and melody and perhaps some technical proficiency. I would have liked a few more up-front in your face shred solos.

My favorite track is “Genetic Cleansing” with it’s cool entry and slightly more innovative song structure and bass lines than the first three straight ahead headcrushers. The production was surprisingly good too, with a bit of a loose and live feel. I’ll bet these guys kill live. If you are a fan of the heaviest of metals but not pure death or black, you will very likely enjoy Motive. Check them out at
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