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My Ruin
The Shape Of Things To Come
November 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

My Ruin has been a “buzz” band in the U.K.’s underground circuit for a few years but they just recently signed with Century Media, who is set to release their THE HORROR OF BEAUTY album in October 2003. THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME is a five song “teaser” for the album. My Ruin is a blend of punk, hard rock and goth. Tairrie B. used to be a rapper but reinvented herself into a pissed off goth girl for My Ruin. She is an ANGRY female whose lyrics are as non-conformist, dark and angry as anything I’ve heard. “Made To Measure” is the song getting pushed here, as the album version and a censored radio version are both available. This is a heavy song with Tairrie B.’s vocals reminiscent of Marilyn Manson. In fact, “Made To Measure” sounds like a Nashville Pussy song as voiced by the lovechild of Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson mixed with a bit of the chick from Kittie. Are you curious yet?? The heavy beat is maintained by Meghan Mattex and Yael and Mick Murphy’s guitar riff is basic and almost blues-rock-y, but the vocals definitely stand above the rest. For “Made To Measure”, she sings “Not made to measure baby, one size does not fit all” in an attack on the cloning of Britney Spears in music. The band also offers a decent cover of The Plasmatics’ “Sex Junkie”. While Tairrie B. may aspire to project the ferocity and spectacle that Wendy O. Williams was able to provide with electrical tape, a chainsaw and Cadillac, she doesn’t quite get there…but to be fair, not many people can. The original was a sleazy ode to BDSM and raunchy sex but My Ruin has turned the song into an almost note for note copy but with a less interesting vocal delivery. The other 2 songs—“Grotesque” and “Unmanageable”--are exclusive to the EP and are nothing to write home about, but “Grotesque” is the better of the two. There is also a 15-minute movie (directed by Tairrie B.), which is dark and fitting to the band’s image. In it, the band answers questions and you see them performing onstage. (NOTE: Live, this band, is legendary and if you ever get a chance to see them, treat yourself.)

I would say My Ruin has their place in today’s music scene but they aren’t exactly metal, rock or punk. I suppose that is why they haven’t caught on in North America, where we like to define our bands and if they don’t fit into set genres, they typically fail. My Ruin seems like an interesting choice for Century Media because it is a metal label and I wouldn’t necessarily call My Ruin a “metal” band. Like Motorhead, My Ruin is equal parts, punk, metal, rock and blues. Hopefully they find the success on this side of the pond that they have in England because they are an interesting band with something different to offer.
Track Listing

1. Made To Measure
2. Grotesque
3. Unmanageable
4. Sex Junkie (Plasmatics Cover)
5. Made To Measure (Radio Edit)


Tairrie B.—Vocals
Mick Murphy—Guitars
Meghan Mattex—Bass

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