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Northern Remembrance
April 2007
Released: 2006, Konqueror Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Melodic Black/Death Metal from Stockholm, Sweden... Eh, still reading? Hope so. Mykorrhiza (featuring ex-members from such bands as Necrophobic, Excruciate and Bloodshed) isn’t a a new name for many of us as the band has already recorded one EP and a couple of full-length albums for the Singaporean Conqueror Records.

NORTHERN REMEMBRANCE, being the band’s latest collection of blasphemous cuts, is all the way a good album if you just happen to dig the very first movement of these Gothenburg-sounding Black/Death Metal acts (Sacrilege, Eucharist, The Crown, In Flames, Ceremonial Oath, etc.) that both Black Sun Records and Wrong Again Records so successfully put out for the world during the ´90s. Mykorrhiza are actually very similar in style to all those early ´90s Swedish Gothenburg-tinged bands in which intriguing Maiden-esque melodies meet the heaviness of Death Metal - combined with Death Metal growls, Black Metal shrieks and occasional clean vocal parts. This makes this package definitely stand in its own merits above your average Death Metal release.

I’m still not jumping up and down in unreserved excitement for an achievement that not exceptionally extraordinary. In the very same breath I need to say that these fellows still manage to win my sincere enthusiasm by bringing some good memories back to my mind from the past Swedish melo-Black/Death Metal scene. And that´s something they do really well. Nothing seems to be out of place either and the band can truly deliver, just no doubts about that. Nothing else to add actually...
Track Listing

01. Release My Aggression
02. Fake Identity
03. Hate
04. Chosen One
05. Voodoo Master
06. Entering
07. Eternal Recreation
08. Demonic World
09. Weak
10. Against You All


Anders Strokirk - Vocals
Lars Levin - Vocals
Hempa Brynolfsson - Guitars, bass
Martin Karlsson - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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