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Motley Crue
Motley Crue
June 2002
Released: 1994, Elektra
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Wisco

Hidden Gem Review

I was looking through a few of my albums the other day and came across a copy of Motley Crue: self titled (Crue diehards simply refer to it as MC94). I didn’t care for it on first listen (in 1994) and must have thrown it into the vault for later exploration...big mistake. Well, after eight years, I actually took the time to listen to it. Suffice to say, I was surprised that, after a few spins, some of the tracks grabbed me. After a few days, I grew to dig the whole album.

I guess my initial problem was with John Corabi. The biggest problem I had was the simple fact that he wasn't Vince. In effect, I didn't pay much attention to the music and discounted the album right off the bat. Plus, the album had that thick, overproduced guitar sound that almost every hair/glam metal band adopted in order to compete with grunge. But some of these post-hair albums work for me and I've really come 'round on this one. Anyway, on with the show...

As aforementioned, MC94 is an album that you have to listen to, in its entirety, a few times in order to start to appreciate. You can't just listen to a song here and there. You gotta get into the mind set. These songs really have some memorable hooks. "Uncle Jack," "Hooligans Holiday," and the killer "Till Death Do Us Part" are all songs that should have become part of the classic Motley set list. The only problem is that you need Vince to complete that Motley sound. Corabi does a great freakin' job, but it just ain't the Crue. Although, it almost sounds like the Crue seeing as how the choruses are all Nikki, the drums are definitely Tommy and Mick textures the whole album with his signature slidin' guitar. I just look at this project as a non Crue album with 3/4 of the Crue on board. Much like NEW TATTOO, MC94 drifts in a different sonic direction (albeit slightly in regards to NEW TATTOO) simply because one of the original four are missing. Not to say that NEW TATTOO is horrible. I came around on that one too (I hated it at first). It's just that you can really tell when Tommy's behind the kit. Basically, he’s cruecial to the whole Motley environment. I guess what I'm trying to say, in a super redundant way, is that “the Crue” is the original four. However, it’s clear that the stuff they've done with other musicians is worthy as well. Check it out and just think of it as MC94 and not Motley Crue.

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