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My Own Fault
July 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Quite the punishing little CD we’ve got here. Hailing from...actually I’m not sure where these guys are from. The singer sounds vaguely South America but the thanks list looks like it’s in an Eastern European, for now, they’re from parts unknown. Anyway, My Own Fault’s style is pretty well in line with the Skinlabs and Pissing Razors of the world but they offset the brutal riffs with some pretty cool quiet melodicism.

“My Own Fault” is a frantic, heavy opener that sets that stage nicely for the rest of the disc. Singer “K” has a convincing growl/shout that, while good, the band seems to rely on a bit too much to carry the songs. “Choking” follows and immediately lulls the listener into calmness with its lightly strummed opening bassline. Of course, before you know it the song has exploded with distorted guitars, but still the song stays catchy. “Trapped” is the best song of the three on the disc, and is most out of line with the style established by the first two songs. Starting off as awesome melodic death metal, the song then switches off into Skinlab mode for its chorus. This was a letdown for me ‘cause the death part was so cool!

I assume that this is just a quick taster EP for the band, as it only has a running time of about 15 minutes. Well, whatever, it worked on me as I’ll be really interested to hear the inevitable full length when it finally comes out.
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