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Murder Squad
Ravenous Murderous
December 2004
Released: 2004, Candlelight
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Year-end wrap-up: Each of the last few years to wrap up the year I have picked a theme for my reviews for December. This year due to the overwhelming number of CD’s that deserve exposure, recognition and commentary I am going to resort to quantity over quality. I usually try to give as much attention to each CD with extensive commentary however this month’s reviews (perhaps unfortunately) will be short and sweet and much more in the style of traditional magazine reviews where space restrictions are an important factor. (ie. Less detail) I apologize in advance to readers who expect much more detailed reviews. Please check the reviews archives as many of my colleagues have written excellent detailed commentary of many of these CD’s. I hope the large number of quick comments will help guide you making some of those important year-end CD purchase decisions. Happy Holidays and see you in January. JP

Being a death metal fan for years I’m always interested (but slightly skeptical) in these all-star projects that seem to be popping up. This time Sweden’s Murder Squad is the usual suspects (guys from Dismember, Death and Entombed) doing a grim, gore inspired death metal band. This is their second release actually, and is very decent. Grim art and vile lyrics are expected and delivered in fine form. This is a totally fun, laidback death project without business pressures (internal or external) of their main respective bands I would imagine, and it sounds that way. They blast through a dozen quick hate-filled tracks, with extreme growling, ripping guitar and raw production that nicely fits the bill. Original? Not really, but there never enough death so this works just fine.
Track Listing

1. Ravenous Murderous
2. I Am Eternal
3. Epidermal Massacre
4. Disturbing The Freaks
5. Spunkslut
6. Hellish Blasphemy
7. Shitstorm
8. Born In Sewage, Bred In Bile
9. Army Of Maggots
10. Masterpiece In Morbidity
11. Homocide
12. Rising From The Ashes


Matti Karki-Vocals
Ufo Cederlund-Guitar
Peter Stjarnvind-Drums
Richard Cabeza-Bass
Chris Reifert-Drums, Vocals, Guitar



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