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My Wicked Twin
Decibel Music
March 2009
Released: 2009, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Brent Doerner returns with a sophomore disc of a dozen ass kickin’ tunes. This time around he is joined by his twin brother Brian on drums, hence the name change of the group to My Wicked Twin from Brent Doerner’s Decibel. Not to remove themselves from the killer debut this disc is aptly titled DECIBEL MUSIC.

Over a year in the making this album has evolved massively from the demo versions I had the privilege of hearing. The mix and sound of the album is one of the best you will hear. Everything is crystal clear and all the dynamics are there and uncompressed. Brian’s cymbal crashes on “Big Bad Whoopie” are easily heard and fade out naturally and not clipped off. Each and every instrument and note can be heard and nothing is muffled or buried in the mix.

Forget the ballads and wimpy stuff as this is a dozen dirty rock n roll tunes. The self titled debut was one of my personal favourite discs and this release surpasses it. Brent has found the groove again and the doctor is back to writing some killer songs and riffs. Songs like “All The Action” deal with the messed up reality of today and how it is a YouTube society. While a number like “Get Your Game On” is just a simple song about sports. The subtle and suggestive lyrics are aplenty and there is allot of word play going on. One of the more fun songs is “Decibel City Hall” which starts off with a jackhammer…literally! Now that’s rock for ya. This is like a theme song so to speak which gives a taste of what the band is about with lines like “Our coat of arms is made of leather”. It is real and from the gut and not something contrived or made up. The vast majority of the lyrics are based on what we see daily in life and on the news as far fetched as some of it seems to be.

Great guitar, wicked drums and gritty vocals mixed with melodic bass make for one kick ass rock n roll record. Not polished and over produced in a studio to where it sounds fake this is the real deal which is somewhat rare these days. So go get some headphones buddy and crank up some DECIBEL MUSIC.
Track Listing

1 All the Action
2 The Sting I Need
3 When a Heart Is Ajar
4 Maybe Love
5 Decibel City Hall
6 One Big Bad Whoopie
7 A Fabulous Tangle
8 Love Is What I Lean On
9 Alone Again - Face to Face
10 That Kind of a Love
11 Get Your Game On
12 With a Slip of the Tongue


Brent Doerner- guitars - slide - bass – vocals – mandolin – keyboards
Shane Schedler – guitars – vocals – keyboards – odd sounds
Brian Doerner – drums - percussion
Mike Uzelac - bass – vocals

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