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Mourning Caress
July 2003
Released: 2002, Arise
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

What is it with the people at Arise Records? They have the magic touch for signing killer bands! I don’t think I’ve heard a lousy band on Arise yet. Enough ass-kissing, but I’m serious, Arise Records know good metal when they hear it and Mourning Caress is no exception.

Although this German five piece is a bit of an odd signing for the label it still works. Arise tends to lean more towards traditional metal and power metal and MC might even be the heaviest band on the label. Mourning Caress create a fine brand of modern thrash. Some people might even apply the Gothenburg label but that would be misleading.

The presentation is nice but could use some work. The cover is pretty plain, the logo is dull and the song-titles are a bit pedestrian. However we do get photos a decent layout, and lyrics credits and so on. Our ears are treated to another immaculate production job by Andy Classen. The guitar tone is thick and heavy and quite modern I suppose, although that is hard to define. A pro job and excellent first impressions!

The songs drive along pretty fast but never frantic. There is a sense of restraint as they never go over the top with speed but prefer to grind along in a mid-tempo to fast pace. There are double kicks drums in many parts of many songs but not consistently. Some breaks and time changes slow the cuts down slightly. For example the short acoustic break in the tune ‘Hope Dies At Last” adds just enough diversity to make, what might have been a dull song, just a bit more interesting.

The guitar work is fluid and impressive, I like the dynamics of the very last song, an instrumental called ‘Escape’ which has an open and ambient, epic feel. Great tune! The vocals on the other songs are top notch as well. Gerrit Mohr’s voice is rough raw and ready to slay but never descending into pointless screaming or shouting. It adds a very strong element of aggression to songs that might even be too sophisticated and laidback to fully project aggression. I don’t mean that in a negative way but the riffing is not as frantic or brutal as some thrash style bands so the vocal work brings it up a notch in intensity

The band released an indie, four-track EP in 1999 and a five-track EP in 2000 but four of the five cuts of the second EP made the full-length debut. Supposedly there is a South American version of IMBALANCE floating around with a bonus track, a cover tune of Ozzy’s Crazy Train. An ambitious choice, but my version did not have it included. They also have a cut ‘ Creating A Hell’ on the new Arise 2003 sampler. This is a very decent band with sophisticated thrash almost bordering on progressive. MC are a great band with a cool sound and they deserve your attention.
Track Listing

1. Creating A Hell
2. I Follow The Rain
3. A Lifeless Time
4. Falling
5. The Chain
6. Towards The Decline of Existence
7. Dead Rose Romance
8. Feed My Dreams
9. Hope Dies At Last
10. Escape


Gerrit Mohr-Vocals
Florian Erhart-Guitar
Benedikt Bjarnason-Guitar
Daniel Busche-Bass
Dominik Schluter-Drums



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