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Desert Call
June 2010
Released: 2010, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Metal is truly a global phenomena. Hailing from Tunisia (look it up on a map) Myrath are getting attention based on their location and more importantly for their high quality metal! While coming from a place that is not traditionally known for metal can be of an advantage for a new band, that point of curiosity or trivia can only take a band so far. The band, like Myrath has to back it up with the music.

The band has very wisely opted to incorporate many regional influences into their brand of progressive power metal. The result is a very unique sound that will help them stand apart from the pack. Metal has been largely a western music for the first thirty years of its existence but more and more bands in all genres from Orphaned Land to Melechesh, and now Myrath, are bringing in Middle-Eastern or Arabic influences. This brilliant combination with Metal adds flair, diversity and sophistication to the band, making for an extremely interesting and pleasurable listening experience.

The key (virtually mandatory) elements are present, clear, expressive vocals soaring over the top of powerful, solid guitars and driving drums. Most of the songs fall into the 5-7 minute range giving a bit more space for some epic feeling arrangements and compositions. It’s not as progressive as Dream Theater for example with bizarre time signatures and so on but certainly they avoid a simple verse chorus verse chorus arrangement. There are many fine little bass interludes before heading off to the races with some expressive soloing. A liberal use of keys helps add a dynamic and full sound. Lastly, the little bit of flair are the sounds of the regional instruments, synthesized or not, that add sonic spice to this already heady brew.

For the predictable name-dropping part of the review you could easily reference Symphony X and Kamelot without worrying about any accusations of unoriginality directed towards Myrath. Rock solid Metal from a very young band but old and wise enough to know that to stand out from the pack you have to be bigger and better and offer something different. Mature and sophisticated beyond their years, this band is going places. You can take the band out of the desert but you can’t take the desert out of the band.
Track Listing

1. Forever And A Day
2. Tempest Of sorrows
3. Desert Call
4. Madness
5. Silent Cries
6. Memories
7. Ironic Destiny
8. No Turning Back
9. Empty World
10. Shockwave


Zaher Zogatti-Vocals
Malek BenArbia-Guitar
Anis Jouini-Bass
Elyes Bouchoucha-Keyboards
Saif Ouhibi-Drums

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