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My Shameful
February 2005
Released: 2005, Firedoom Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Firedoom Music is probably the only label in Finland that really has a vast catalogue of Doom Metal bands on their roster. One of those bands is My Shameful, which is the brainchild of a guy named Sami Rautio who does everything except drums for the band. My Shameful´s first album titled OF ALL THE WRONG THINGS saw daylight in February 2003 and I need to shamelessly admit, I never got a chance to hear it. But I think I will pick it up sooner or later because ...OF DUST, the band´s 2nd full-length manifesto sounds kinda awe-inspiring.

The band calls their music “Depressive Doom Metal” and I gotta agree that´s a perfectly fitting description of their music. There´s not a single happy moment on ...OF DUST. The atmosphere on the album is indeed somewhat depressive, cold, hopeless, oppressive and anxious. You want to freeze your blood in the first steps when starting listening to this record and cut your wrists like tomorrow would never come for you. Sami´s truly effective and unique way to snarl, growl and whisper in the songs creates lots of interesting nuances on ...OF DUST. The tormenting and crushing heavy riffs, drum sounds of total Doom, spiced up with some violin parts give me every reason to assume that My Dying Bride could be the candidate for being the strongest influence on My Shameful. However, the difference is, My Shameful comes across heavier and more depressive than those English Doom Metal messiahs. So I wouldn´t talk about any ruthless copycatting with bold letters at all in My Shameful´s case.

Songs like “And Waters Will Close” and “One Lost Forever” are quite honestly as catchy pieces of works of total doom and gloom as a blazing darkness in the deepest pit of Siperia. I´m sure most of you will find My Shameful´s 2nd act appealing and addictive enough to buy it for yourselves.

So, let it be reckoned then that ...OF DUST is an essential Funeral Doom Metal release which you cannot either live or die without - whatever that may tell you.
Track Listing

01. ... of Dust
02. And Waters Will close
03. Your Darkness Shines
04. One Lost Forever
05. I found Nothing Sacred
06. These Empty Rooms
07. Disappointment
08. To Never Return


Sami Rautio – Vocals, guitars, keyboards & programming
Mark Napier – Drums

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