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Conditioned: Human
December 2008
Released: 2008, Demonstealer Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

India has truly surprised me with some quality metal acts this year, I need to confess that. Kryptos and Demonic Resurrection especially have made the biggest impression on me this far - and I guess I still need to add MyndSnare to that same list together with Kryptos and Demonic Resurrection. Namely at least the band´s debut full-length album, titled CONDITIONED: HUMAN, which was released on the Indian metal label Demonstealer Records this year, gave me quite a positive surprise indeed.

MyndSnare´s debut album is actually a collection of material that the guys have composed together over the past 4-5 years, and over two band line-up changes. Their songs have elements both from thrash and death metal that have been churned out skilfully with a progressive grip; the kind of grip that occasionally bring Death´s later era albums and even some textures of the songs of Sweden´s Mutant (a project band of Henrik Olhsson of Theory in Practice) to mind. MyndSnare use a lot of unusual tempo changes, sudden breaks and all that kind of challenging stuff that doesn´t leave any easy way out for a listener once he/she has placed the disc into a CD-player. MyndSnare do use all these musically challenging elements really damn well within their stuff, without destroying the smooth flow of the songs and overall keeping the level of interest constantly high. All this sounds like the guys have even set the bar of musical wankery so high for themselves that if you are not fully into concentrating on performing the songs properly enough - and miss a note, you miss the whole song.

Each member in the MyndSnare trio plays his own share really well, but I´m especially keen on KP´s virtuoso-like guitar mastery. His sharp hitting, well-educated riffs, power-chord passages and beautiful solos are top-notch, yet his raspy death grunts (that in fact remind me of the style of Pestilence´s Patrick Mameli quite a lot) fit amazingly well into the band´s song structures. Overall the interplay between each instrument is on a somewhat admirable level on MyndSnare´s debut album, and I can already predict they will get lots of fans for their stuff - especially from those people that tend to appreciate topping yourself in creativity and complexity as far as song structures are concerned.

It´s really good to see India has some new and talented metal bands popping up from the Indian soil every now and then. MyndSnare is without a slightest doubt, one of those bands that should deserve an international breakthrough by the quality songs alone that they have managed to get collected for their debut full-length.

MyndSnare… Keep the name in your minds from now on, my dear fellow metalheads!
Track Listing

01. Changing Skins
02. Use the Pain
03. Altar Ego
04. Conditioned: Human
05. Temporal Movements
06. Layers of Hypocrisy
07. Visionary Realism
08. Within a Mind: Mis-Shapen
09. Mirror of Nothingness


KP - Vocals and guitars
Sandesh - Bass
Yasmin Claire - Drums

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