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April 2013
Released: 2013, Ripple Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

With the obvious tagline of “The Mothership has landed!”, or some other such cheesy thing staring them right in the face (and indeed, the address of their website), the lads in Mothership made things difficult for themselves right off the bat. However, the Juett brothers (and father on drums until a full-time replacement could be found!), are more than up to the challenge, as one listen to their self-titled debut album attests.

It’s obvious from one look at the album cover, to song titles like “Cosmic Rain” and “Lunar Master” that the Mothership boys are into ‘70s-inspired stoner metal, and one listen through the album proves the point. This album is slammed full of fuzzy guitars and massive grooves, all wrapped in an appropriately crusty-but-clear production. Now, albums like this are a dime a dozen these days, but Mothership have what it takes to stand out thanks to their ability to write some of the most memorable hooks and riffs imaginable. As they attest in “City Nights”, they’re not out to reinvent the wheel or change the world, they just want to rock, and they’ve put all their energy into it – if you can’t shut out the world and bang your head along with the band during a song as catchy as “Eagle Soars” then check your pulse; you might be legally dead.

While there are a couple of missteps presented (neither “Hallucination” nor “Elenin” really take off), the majority of album is a blast to listen to. This is one of those albums that I liked immediately and have only enjoyed more as I listen to it again and again. Check ‘em out and enjoy the ride.
Track Listing

1. Hallucination
2. Cosmic Rain
3. City Nights
4. Angel of Death
5. Win or Lose
6. Elenin
7. Eagle Soars
8. Lunar Master


Kyle Juett: Bass, Vocals
Kells Juett: Guitar, Vocals
Judge Smith: Drums

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