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My Ruin
Southern Revelation Tour: Promo Teaser [Compilation CD]
August 2012
Released: 2012, Indpendent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

In conjunction with the Southern revelation tour, My Ruin’s promo CD is a brief offering into what fans can expect from their seventh album. The record contains five other bands as well as the UK tour dates on the back of the album cover.

First up, ‘Message from Tairrie B of My Ruin’ is a spoken intro introducing the tour and locations and locations by the vocalist with a lead guitar playing in the background. The dialogue explains various details regarding the other bands playing, after show parties and detailing pertaining to the seventh album which will be available as a free download.

Kick starting with My Ruin. ‘Highly Explosive’ Opens with guitar grunge style riff and drumming, the song’s steady pace is mixed with raw vocals that come with an angst ridden punch. Lead guitars break in with some finger tapping fury. “I’m on fire motherfucker” .

‘Tennessee Elegy’ comes with fully charged riffs inducing some head banging approval from fans and vocals that reach a near screaming tonality. The pounding drums, more lead guitar vibrancy keep the momentum consistent throughout.

The second band, Godsized take flight with ‘Walking Away’ as the husky and piercing clean vocals cut through the heavy riffs and infectious drumming. The down beat and catchy guitar work tie in flawlessly with the well thought lyrics and its cathartic undertones. The drumming mid section with its muffled spoken narrative and lead guitar give the track an edgy metallic feel.

Santorum burst forth with ‘Paradigm’, as they crank up the more Metal influences on this CD with fast riffs and chaotic drumming and a shriek-esque growling that is reminiscent of As I Lay Dying. Some lightning fast lead guitar break into the mix that showcase some real craftsmanship in the band’s already impressive sound. A well executed breakdown with mournful clean vocals help show the band’s versatility and maturity.

Long Day Fear go out with a bang as the record’s closing track ‘Head Down’ contains a strong bass and drum lead intro followed with double kick pedal. Well sung clean vocals that cut through the speedy rhythm of their instrumentation. An un unexpected lead guitar solo enters in the mid section that throws the listener of guard, but should get most heads turning, helps keep the adrenaline pumping.

In short, this is a quite a worthy compilation record and an interesting way of promoting up and coming tours. Whilst certain bands found here are stronger than others (most notably My Ruin and Santorum) each band does bring something different and noticeable to the table. Furthermore, the production for each band is also top notch but it is the talent for song writing that shoud entice most listeners.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. My Ruin: Message From Tairrie B of My Ruin
2. My Ruin: Highly Explosive
3. My Ruin: Tennessee Elegy
4. Godsized: Walking Away
5. Sanctorum: Paradigm
6. Long Day Fear: Head Down


My Ruin Line-up
Tairrie B Murphy
Mick Murphy: Guitars, Bass and Drums
Luciano Ferrea - Bass
Marcelo Palomino - Drums

Godsized line up
Glen Korner- Vocals & Guitars
Neil Fish - Guitars
Gavin Kerrigan - Bass
Dan Kavanagh – Drums

Sanctorum Line-up
Aaron Sly - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Alston - Drums
Alex Commons - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Long Day Fear Line-up
Richie Tyler - Throat & Attitude
Steve Broughton - Lead Guitar
Wayne Severn - Bass Guitar
John Willis – Drums

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