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My Funeral
Carnal Obduction
November 2010
Released: 2010, Violent Journey Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

New metal bands are popping up like mushrooms up from the ground after a heavy rain. My Funeral that was formed in 2005, comes from Finland - and they play some sort of hybrid of both Thrash and Death Metal.

CARNAL ABDUCTION, which is the band´s debut album on a small independent Finnish underground label Violent Journey Records, is unfortunately a pretty bland release all in all. I mean, there´s really nothing on this album that might make you ultimately return to this album – despite some occasional, cleverly played and elaborate (Slayer-ish) solos here and there that the band´s 2nd guitarist Joonas has most likely spat around the songs using his 6-string shredder (saw Slayer´s R.I.B. on his personal top 5 albums list, so my wild guess came from there). The songs are sort of okay-ish – loaded with lots of energy and aggression and a minimum amount of worthy ideas, but those elements just don´t carry them too far because they all tend to lack in that department when they should stand out and make a decent impact at least, but take a very general, often travelled road music-wise instead. It does not help much them either, but vocalist Ilkka is also kinda one-dimensional with his raspy vocals. He does throw some deep death grunts out from his lungs as well but sadly ain´t good enough at doing them that properly either.

In fact, it´s very hard to find anything positive to say about their debut full-length studio album as it falls into the kind of trap of unoriginality and tediousness that will leave the album unnoticed eventually after a couple of the first spins even. What else can I say but better luck next time, guys (even if I happen to know already they cannot get much comfort from this either).
Track Listing

01. Horn Crowned King
02. Death's Attraction
03. Legions
04. God Overdose
05. Servant of Grave
06. Call of War
07. One-Night Kill
08. Age of Violence
09. Zodiac Inversion
10. Tortured to Death


Ilkka Sepponen - Vocals
Joonas Kiviniemi - Guitar
Joonas Paananen - Guitar
Toni Kemppainen - Bass
Hannu Sivusuo - Drums

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