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My Early Mustang
My Early Mustang
February 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

My Early Mustang is a newly signed band from Nuclear Blast and this selftitled album is their debut. In 2003, they released the MCD MUNICH – HEIDELBERG – BERLIN and last year came the “Miss You” CD single.

The four guys in the band are not newcomers to the stage. Tim and Wolfgang are from the band Liquido which have released three very successful albums. Florian is the lead singer and guitarist in Flyswatter and Andreas is a member of the German punk/rock band Tristesse. Modern rock doesn’t have to come from the States to be successful which is something that’s been proven by bands like Die Happy, H – Blockx and Donots and it seems like Nuclear Blast wants to widen their musical genres by signing this band.

And what does this band play then? I’d say that this is explosive, heavy rock’n’roll influenced by both punk and melodic rock. This debut is full of energy and has a timeless sound with a lot of power and enjoyment. My Early Mustang really shows that they like to play and that they do not follow any trends at all, instead doing what they do best. Their joy for playing is something that’s really contagious and you’ll get really happy when you hear their well played music. The album sticks in your mind the first time you put it on. The album is jammed with high energy rock’n’roll and there’s not a single ballad in sight.

My Early Mustang is an exotic member of the Nuclear Blast family just like the project Angelzoom and personally I think that My Early Mustang have a lot better chance to go far compared to Angelzoom.

The album runs through 13 tracks in 40 minutes and the titles reveal that the lyrics are about girls, cars and beers. There’s also gonna be a limited edition of the album which will feature two bonus tracks. Both Florian and Tim have very suitable voices and they sing really well in English for being Germans. The production team have done a really great job, giving the album a straight and pure rock’n’roll production with no fuss. Florian and Tim have the biggest part in the mix with their lead vocals and guitar play. Andreas and Wolfgang sits on a real stable rhythm section, and to make it short I haven’t got any complaint on the production.

As a whole, this is a really good album but if I should go in further on the negative things I have to mention the band name and the cover that doesn’t quite reflect the music. And 13 tracks feels a little bit too much instead they should have stuck to about 10 or 11 because parts of the material feel a little beat weak. But overall this is an album that can get any party started with their catchy refrains. The music may be simple but it’s really well played. This German band has done a real party album and I should think that their music maybe works even better live.

Some of the outstanding tracks are “December,” “Over My Head,” “Miss You,” “Driving Down,” “Constant Changes,” “Goddamn (It’s Looking Good),” “Samantha” and “Sixpack”.
Track Listing

Over my head
When you sang
Miss you
Romeo’s burning
Driving down
Constant changes
How it ends
Secret letter to a lost friend pt 2
Goddamn (it’s looking good)


Florian Kämmerlin – lead vocals, guitar
Tim Eiermann – guitar, vocals
Andreas Rigo – bass
Wolfgang Maler – drums

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