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Motley Crue
Shout At The Devil
May 2003
Released: 2003, Hip-O Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Thanks to the people at Universal Music, this month I am reviewing two re-releases of classic Crüe albums – SHOUT AT THE DEVIL and DR. FEELGOOD. Hip-O Records (a Universal Music company) are the people behind this. From their website:

“Get ready to rock! The Hip-O Records reissue of the entire Mötley Crüe album catalog kicked off March 4th, 2003 with the re-release of the notorious band's 1998 GREATEST HITS album. The group's 10 other albums (four of them in both Explicit and Clean versions), plus two DVD homevideo collections hit store shelves on April 8th 2003. Eight of the 11 albums include bonus tracks making their U.S. debuts, having previously been heard only on their Japanese editions. For the band's first seven albums, those tracks join the bonuses previously added for their 1999 remasters. The most recent four albums are reissued here for the first time: GREATEST HITS, the rarities collection SUPERSONIC & DEMONIC RELICS, the band's sole live album LIVE: ENTERTAINMENT OR DEATH, and the studio album NEW TATTOO, which adds bonus tracks as well.”

So here we have SHOUT AT THE DEVIL. How do I review an album that is as important to me personally as this? This is the single album that freaked me out as a young teenager in 1983 and really made me a metalhead. If it weren’t for this specific album maybe there would never have been a!?! I’ve played the album and played along with this album so many times it’s become one of those few albums whose every note, lyric, pause, and cymbal crash I’ve ingrained into my mind for all time. This album is not just about nostalgia for me even though much of this does remind me of being 14 again. All these songs sound as good and as they did back in 1983. Out of all the Crüe albums this is easily the best one they’ve done and they have yet to come close to matching this monster! Nikki Sixx said regarding SHOUT AT THE DEVIL - “It was time for us to put the pedal down a little harder, turn the amps up and really push the envelope.” Even though other Mötley Crüe albums might of sold more, this is the one that I revere the most. The album did have commercial success and did set the mold for MANY other bands that followed in the Crüe’s footsteps. It reached #17 and today has sold quadruple platinum. As for the songs on here I can’t single any out since every one of them is godlike to me!! Every riff, lyric, solo, everything about this is amazing. From the creepy apocalyptic opening and then the anthem of a generation, “Shout at the Devil”, to the power of “Knock ‘em Dead Kid” – this is easily one of my all time favorite albums.

This re-released version from Hip-O Records and Mötley Records runs for just over 52 minutes and contains the following bonus songs: “Shout at the Devil (demo)”, “Looks The Kill (demo)”, “Hotter Than Hell (demo)”, “I Will Survive (unreleased track)”, “Too Young To Fall In Love (demo)”. There is also a QuickTime video for “Looks That Kill”. The demo songs are really nothing to freak out over, since they are here for curiosity factor only. “Hotter Than Hell” is basically the song that became “Louder Than Hell” on the next album, THEATER OF PAIN. “I Will Survive” is the must have and song for Crüe heads to freak out over since it was previously unreleased. From the last re-issue, the only new track added is the demo for “Too Young To Fall In Love.” I wish they would of finally put out the SHOUT demo track “Black Widow”. This song is basically a continuation of “God Bless The Children of the Beast”. “Black Widow” should of made the original album in my opinion. Why it hasn’t made it onto any of the re-releases is baffling. The original album cover of SHOUT AT THE DEVIL is not the four of the guys on the cover. It is the shiny black pentagram on a black background. The band shots were originally inside – at least they are on my vinyl version. I don’t know why they haven’t reverted to this much cooler cover for this re-release! Reportedly there is a Japanese release of SHOUT with the proper (in my opinion) album cover but is quite expensive.

Maybe in another couple years they will once again re-relapse this album and get it right by having all the SHOUT demo tracks, the original album cover, and why not a second CD, OR better yet a DVD with all the videos from the album plus loads of live footage from the SHOUT tour, their breakout live performance from the US Festival in 1983 (which I’d kill to have on DVD in awesome quality), interviews from 1983/84, etc. Now that’s my idea of a re-release fit for a Crüe freak like myself!!!!!
Track Listing

1. In the Beginning
2. Shout at the Devil
3. Looks That Kill
4. Bastard
5. God Bless the Children of the Beast
6. Helter Skelter
7. Red Hot
8. Too Young to Fall in Love
9. Knock 'Em Dead Kid
10. Ten Seconds to Love
11. Danger
12. Shout at the Devil [Demo Version]
13. Looks That Kill [Demo Version]
14. Hotter Than Hell [Demo Version]
15. I Will Survive
16. Too Young to Fall in Love [Demo Version]
17. Looks Like Kill [Video]


Vince Neil – Vocals
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Mick Mars – Guitars
Tommy Lee - Drums

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