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October 2009
Released: 2009, Dan’s Crypt Records - Suprachaotic Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

I am a very open-minded person both generally and musically. I think that listening to metal is to some extent also about being open-minded, because an album can seem totally insane but might in the end give you one of your best headbanging experiences. PUTRILOGIE starts in a good way with an interesting electronica sound mixed with a very deep death metal voice. From there it goes on to the second track of the album, “Tomy”, with a French speaking guy. And this is where the good stuff stops.

Mulk is a solo project that is using a digital sound from electronica and combining it with grindcore. This leads to some very fast played metal that sounds terrible, and I wouldn’t even moshpit to this, since it is way too monotonous.

Mulk has made use of periodic speaking, which by the way are the only actual words on this album, since the voice is expressed in sounds similar to Whourkr. This is done in and between the tracks and gives a nice break. Unfortunately I don’t understand it, since they are speaking French...

The album contains 20 tracks, most of them lasting 1.20, and the album itself is split up into three parts: Putr&fact 1, 2, 3. There must be some kind of idea behind this but I simply cannot interpret it, since all of the tracks sound like repetitions of each other. The only notable difference is that Putr&fact 3 features more lengthy songs.

Ultimately, Mulk is not able to entertain me in any type of way, which is a shame, because I like the idea of combining a metal genre with digital/electronica elements.
Track Listing

Sulfat Primat
Afid Fulfurik
Dechet Toxic
Puree de Vache
Patee de Chat
Copain Cochon
P-3 Phaz
Trou de Viande
Porc Fight



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