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Mutiny -
Guilty As Charged
August 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Pirate metal from Greece! Running Wild better start looking over their shoulders, 'cause Mutiny is about to make an impact on the European metal scene. Lead by guitarist Agis, Mutiny has sallied forth with their second release, Guilty As Charged. As an added bonus (it's only 2 songs long), the band added on their previous release, Faded Pages. The band plays an accomplished brand of German-ized power metal that will be easily accessible to fans of Running Wild. "The Cross-Bone Flag" opens the album in raging fashion - for a full 7 minutes! The best part is, nary a second is wasted, the band making economical use of their time and not noodling around just to show off. A great introduction to the band. "Guilty As Charged" is the other new song and, while not as cool as "Cross-Bone Flag", is still a decent mid-paced power metal song. Both songs highlight the vocals of Zervanos Alexis, whose high register is the perfect scream for the band's swashbuckling sounds.

The rest of the album is the band's older material, done with a different vocalist, Swan Christy. Christy's vocals are in a lower range than Alexis' and less suited to the brand of metal the Mutiny plays. "Dark Soldiers of Death", another mid-pacer, practically screams for a more aggressive vocal attack. Of course, Alexis' vocals can sometimes get out of hand, and some restraint would help his delivery and make it that much better. Anyhow, the older material does not sound quite as accomplished as the two new songs, and the production values are definitely less crisp sounding. Still, "Dark Soldiers…" and "Speed Monster" are pretty cool crunchers, but "Changing Seasons" and "Inner Mirror" are kinda dull.

So, the basically Mutiny is a band on the rise, both in talent and in profile. The two new tracks prove that the band is definitely improving, 'cause they both kick major ass! My advice would be to rerelease this album after recording all of the old material with Alexis at the mike, 'cause I'm sure the songs would sound a hell of a lot better. Anyway, watch out for these guys 'cause they definitely rock! Contact:
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