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January 2018
Released: 2017, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Mortishead, come from a town called Portishead, which is in Bristol in the United Kingdom. England to be precise. Fancy that. A lot of you may know of them, but for the ill informed I will give you a small glimpse into their world, being described by themselves as ‘A 6 piece dark parody of an authoritarian and malevolent totalitarian regime’ they sure do sound like a lot of fun do they not? They also get around with arm bands with their own logo, being a giant ‘M’ on their arms. Sounds familiar, I’m sure some other nasty buggers in history have done that and it happened in a Pink Floyd movie as well, except they were different symbols but you get my drift.

So what exactly do we have here for those of us still wondering. Well it’s a blend of things, that all come together into a potpourri of quite vicious proportions. Industrial meets sludge running hand in hand with a fair smattering of thrash riffs and wild solos, overlaid with many a sample of human despair. Luke the Bastard definitely earned his stripes by yelling at the downtrodden and making them feel like worthless shit thats for sure.

The rest of our players help the Bastard to plant his size fourteen boots of authoritarianism all over us in no uncertain terms. This particular release is certainly one hell of a lesson handed to you at the bad end of a truncheon, so no hippies or overly sensitive folk need apply. The cracking pace of the titular “Totality” is superb, and the ending “Executive Order” will tell you all you need to know about these six purveyors of crazy arsed mayhem.

Pretty good stuff, give it a go and find out for yourself. Long live the regime, for it will surely crush us all.

Review by Andrew Cook.
Track Listing

1. I've Spent My Nights Terrified
2. Shit Storm
3. Aslaved Asleep
4. Totality
5. Excecutive Order


Luke the Bastard - Vocals
ThrAsh Doulton - Guitar
Jake Kiley - Guitar
Dan Shaw Odell - Bass
Richard Nasmyth - Drums
Nick 'Slippers' Luxa-Richards - Keyboards/Samples

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