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Mortis Mutilati
Melopee Funebre
July 2015
Released: 2015, Naturmacht Prodcutions
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Taphophilia, the love of viewing and examining graveyards and monuments is a term I was not aware of until I came across this French outfit. Speaking as someone who has had a love of all things cemetery related for a very long time, I can safely say I’ve found that black metal band which puts that enjoyment to music just right and at the ideal pace. I am talking about Mortis Mutilati and their third album: MELOPEE FUNEBRE.

Opening track is instrumental but at a regular song length, making full use of classical strings and keys which conjured up religious imagery one can only associate with death and suffering. I’d presume the band are paying homage to all the major cemeteries in their local area and are making the sounds of lost souls known with the vocals on second track ‘Venus Anadyomene’. For all horror fiction buffs looking for new death themed music this is what you need to check out.

‘Ophelia’ is a finely crafted piece of black metal best described as a nicely crafted sword over which the blacksmith has spent many a long hour perfecting. Mortis Mutilati have spent many a long hour perfecting their craftsmanship and have returned with some death themed metal similar to fellow Frenchmen Deathspell Omega – minus the brutality.

‘Oraison du Soir’ reminded me a lot of Dark Fortress, especially when it feels like you’re in a chapel/church of death with an unholy choir singing of what may be on the other side. The album then progresses with slow moments and jolts in different directions of tempo and blast beats and samplings of women gasping in pleasure. I wonder if this band were personifying necrophilia? If so it’s quite different from Cradle of Filth and their Lord Abortion days.

In all we have a nicely crafted and well versed piece of French black metal to make the country appealing to anyone who wants to travel the cemeteries of the world. Having been to the likes of Highgate I’d certainly like to see the places that inspired this act to write such an amazing piece.

Review by Demitri Levantis
Track Listing

1. Mélopée funèbre
2. Vénus Anadyomène
3. Ophélia
4. Oraison du soir
5. Reliquiae
6. Morte
7. Eros & Thanatos
8. Fingers of Death


Macabre – All instruments and vocals

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