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Murder, Death, Kill
May 2012
Released: 2011, Horror Pain Gore Death
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s always nice when local bands get the attention they deserve, even moreso when you are lucky enough to have met the band members and watched them on their career trajectory. For me Mortillery falls in that category hailing from just up the road in Edmonton, Canada. They kicked up a decent, indie EP in the middle of 2010 and followed it up a year later with MURDER DEATH KILL. A combination of hard work and talent has just landed them a record deal with Napalm Records so I thought I’d review the debut before it gets reissued later this year on Napalm.

I can’t help but think the title MURDER DEATH KILL is borrowed from the 1993 action film Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. In any event it is a good title for a thrash album. The cover art certainly has that ‘drawn on my math textbook in High-school’ feel to it. That’s not a bad thing either. The 10 song album runs for about 42 minutes and has very good production for a independent act. The booklet has the almost mandatory collage of photos of the band on stage and fooling around, living the dream as it were.

Sonically and musically MURDER DEATH KILL is a gem and I can hear why people are excited about this band. The quartet delivers heads-down, no nonsense thrash. The vocals of Cara are rough and ready, no soprano stuff can be found on here! Her battle-tested vocals remind me a little bit of Dawn Crosby but maybe not as rough. The pace of the entire album is fast. The songs are economical and by that that I mean simple, fun compositions that don’t break any ground but are performed with sincerity and intensity. There is just perhaps a tiny hint of punk and/or crossover but those elements are really kept to a minimum. The lyrics cover the gambit of thrash topics evil, sacrifices, killing, you know, the usual good stuff.

Mortillery have what it takes to stand out in a very crowded genre of Metal with virtually every town and city in North America generating one of these kinds of bands. Again, I don’t like the tern retro-thrash, it’s just thrash. Just because Mortillery (or any band) are young, wear vests with patches and bullet-belts, doesn’t mean they can’t deliver a great album. Look for the Napalm reissue this summer!
Track Listing

1. Murder Death Kill
2. Sacrifice
3. Evil Remains
4. Fritzls Cellar
5. Outbreak
6. Despised By Blood
7. Countless Suicide
8. Voracious Undead
9. Without Weapons
10. Mortal Artillery


Cara McCutchen -Vocals
Alex Scott-Guitar
Alex Gutierrez-Guitar
Miranda Gladeau-Bass
Kevin Gaudet-Drums


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