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The Grudge
March 2005
Released: 2004, Earache Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

I haven’t followed this artist very closely; the only thing I actually knew was that he’s called Mortiis, and has an exceptionally long nose. Mortiis is about to follow up his latest album from 2001 called, THE SMELL OF RAIN, also including a whole band this time around.

“THE GRUDGE” was recorded in Silvertone Studios in Fredrikstad Norway, within the span of six months. Vegard Blomberg and Mortiis have together produced “THE GRUDGE”, and it sounds just as it should, when it comes to electronic metal. In other words, this album contains many sharp guitar riffs and heavy metal guitar, by Levi, Asmund, and heavy electronics. Mortiis takes a big part in the sound picture with his lead vocals, with both depth and broadness in his voice. He is also responsible for synthesizers, programming, and sound design on the album.

As I wrote earlier, Mortiis are electronic metal, or can even be described as industrial metal. You can draw comparison between Mortiis and bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Mortiis’ music is not considered to be radio friendly whatsoever, compared to another Swedish band, Pain.

This is his third album on Earache Records, with Mortiis running through 10 tracks on THE GRUDGE. Even though this is a bit hard to enjoy the first time around, I find myself liking THE GRUDGE more and more each time it’s played. I don’t know if you can compare this album with his previous ones, or if the older fans like it. The only thing I reserve myself towards is the cover that doesn’t really reflect on the music.

If you’re into electronic/industrial metal, and never took a listen to the cult troll with the long nose before, I insist you check out THE GRUDGE.

Killer tracks “Broken Skin”, “The Grudge”, “Decadent Desperate, “The Worst in Me”, “Gibber” and “Twist the Knife”.

Mortiis toured through Europe at the end of last year and now he’s about to hit the U.S.A. in early '05.
Track Listing

Broken Skin
Way to Wicked
The Grudge
Decadent and Desperate
The Worst in Me
Twist the Knife
The Loneliest Thing
Le Petit Cohon Sordide


Mortiis – Lead vocals, synthesizer, programming, sound, design
Levi Gawron – Guitar
Asmund Sveinunggard – Guitar
Leo Troy – Drums

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