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Underground Music
April 2009
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This 2nd wave of wild thrash metal boom never seems to stop, does it? I cannot personally complain too much as checking out and listening to new thrash metal has always been one of my favorite type of sports.

Mortifier from Canton, Ohio, that has been formed not earlier than 2007, wants to dip their own spoon into this ever-popular soup which so many other young thrash metal bands get their kicks and elixirs from. Mortifier´s debut album, UNDERGROUND NOISE, is what it aptly promises to be: An underground-ish sounding thrash album reflecting the past times, avoiding sounding like a modern thrash record, which is cool in my opinion.

Much like so many other new thrash acts, also Mortifier have thought that it´s better to concentrate on kicking people´s teeth back to their throats by keeping things relatively simple and straightforward rather than trying to invent the wheel all over again. And that´s what they have intended to do on their debut album. The Mortifier camp have grabbed some of those second-hand weapons that have been successfully used on such classic thrash albums as KILL ´EM ALL, AGENT ORANGE, EVIL INVADERS, DEATH SQUAD, etc. etc. – pounding the steel in the spirit of their godfathers and overall just having lots of sincere determination to pay some homage to the old-school thrash metal genre in general. Mortifier are good at what they do, although it´s no denying either the type of stuff unfortunately seems to wear out its sharpest charm way too soon, I´m afraid. Stating the facts as they are currently, the thrash metal scene simply suffers from a certain overload of this type of stuff these days, and therefore bands tend to sound the samey a bit too much. Anyhow, if you are a sworn thrash freak, you´ll most probably enjoy the heck out of this release, too.

Having said it all earlier kind of in a tight nutshell already, UNDERGROUND NOISE is a nice package of old-school thrash that brings lots of memories back to our minds how thrash was played back in the golden era of thrash, some twenty years ago already. Now when you know what to expect from Mortifier, I´ll leave it up to you whether you want check out another new thrash outfit or not, that is also sailing in this vast sea of 2nd coming of thrash metal. Oh, and that so-called ´secret track´ in the end of the disc made me laugh, by the way. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Mountain Killings
02. Dead by Dawn
03. Black Plague
04. Viking Rampage
05. Wizard Trees
06. Desert Holocaust
07. After the Fall of Man
08. Underground Noise
09. Secret Track: Vocal Struggleeeee


Brian Rex - Vocals and bass
Zach Wincek - Guitar
Jerey Wolf - Guitar
Pete Van Horn- Drums

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