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Misere Mortem
April 2010
Released: 2010, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

Always been a big fan and listener of Sirenia, I heard of Mortemia and my excitement was big! It was kinda funny since I, a month ago, listened to “Downfall” from Sirenia and thought of the possibilities for more vocal work from Veland and how it would sound. Here now I am sitting with MISERE MORTEM.

Being gothic metal, a new release has to be appealing and manifold too in a crowded scene but Morten Veland’s vocals has always been capturing. His experience and skills are highly reflected in the album which manages to cover many aspects whole fully. I am almost certain that Veland has a secret laboratory in which he has discovered a secret formula to create incredible sounds. There is also the possibility that he has made contact with aliens of course?

The guitars and riffs have a leading role in the musical composition and I can see relative clear parallels to Sirenia as they sound horrifically delicious! There is not much point in mentioning specific instrumental performances as they are all pretty stable and accomplishing. As I progress with MISERE MORTEM I get a few revelations by the musical composition which I am not reminiscent of having experienced elsewhere on the gothic scene.

You could think Veland’s male vocals would be too repetitive throughout a lengthier album but he unravels this statement to be completely false. His vocals are as enjoyable as is all the other elements of this extraordinary gothic mouthful. Actually you cannot have all of this in one piece; you need to listen to it over and over again to experience maximal delight. Mr. Veland’s vocals have a very embracing array; he can direct it in several angles and still hit the upper scale. Marvelous! I find his vocal flawless indeed as he also implements smaller black metal parts in his voice.

Nonetheless these vocals are not the only one feature on MISERE MORTEM at all! Veland has made use of an incredibly well balanced and pleasantly sounding choir. It makes for a two-dimensional vocal experience and highly contributes to a diversity which is present in all 9 tracks. It is difficult to pin-point a part which is actually worthy of criticism vocally. Atmospherically Mortemia has created a gloomy and shadowy setting which echoes of melancholy. Unfortunately this melancholy tends to be too tiresome in a couple of songs. I will not use the word monotonous since it is not so severe.

Mortemia is a great asset to gothic metal and is a worthy and inspiring alternative to many female-fronted bands. Its sound is so diverse and magically rousing. Morten Veland has accomplished yet another feat.
Track Listing

01. The One I Once Was
02. The Pain Infernal And The Fall Eternal
03. The Eye Of The Storm
04. The Malice Of Life's Cruel Ways
05. The Wheel Of Fire
06. The Chains That Wield My Mind
07. The New Desire
08. The Vile Bringer Of Self Destructive Thoughts
09. The Candle At The Tunnel's End


Morten Veland - Vocals, all instruments

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by Theis Rytoft

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