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Morning Dwell
The Guardians Of Time
February 2017
Released: 2016, Dolittle Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Two years after the self-titled debut album but Morning Dwell, which incidentally made my Top 20 for 2014, I was very excited to hear their most recent effort.

THE GUARDIANS OF TIME already starts with several positives. The album title is a cool, classic Metal sounding album title with an equally awesome album cover artwork by Andreas Marschall. The band is still affiliated with the Liljgren/ Doolittle group and it doesn’t seem to have any line-up changes.

The first and most immediate noticeable difference is that the album is a little bit slower. While I prefer all-out speed, the album is excellent on all fronts. The songs are slightly longer and slightly more progressive for the most part. The use of keyboards has increased as well, but just very slightly. The center-piece of the album is undoubtedly the monster song, ‘The Mask And The Clocktower’ running over 13 minutes! The cut has many moods and tempos as one might expect. To accompany the soaring Helloween-inspired Power Metal are a few additional audio accoutrements such as acoustic piano, epic choirs, and some nice gang vocals on the choruses, for example the cool refrain on the cut ‘King Of The World’ which in itself is a really catchy cut. One of the faster songs is almost the bands signature song, ‘Where Morning Dwells’ which could be perfectly described as ‘Happy Metal’ with an uplifting rift and inspirational lyrics about ‘standing united’ and so on. The vocals of founder Peter Hjerpe are still power and soar way up into some great high notes. Every member of the band are top-notch musicians, you have to be to be able to play at this level.

I must admit that THE GUARDIANS OF TIME is a more diverse, well-rounded and sophisticated album but I still like the debut just a tiny bit more. It came out quite late in 2016, or at least that was when I first heard it, and maybe it just didn’t have the spontaneous ‘’in-your-face’ impact of the debut. It is still an excellent album regardless, most certainly an elite album of 2016. In made my TOP 20 again in 2016!
Track Listing

1. At the End of the Universe
2. The Guardians of Time
3. Rise from the Sand
4. King of the World
5. Where Morning Dwells
6. The Mask and the Clocktower
7. The Sun Never Shines
8. Gate of Time
9. A New World


Petter Hjerpe Vocals
Michel Barréra Guitar
Ulf Zetterman Guitar
Samuel Olson Keyboards
Martin Erneström Bass
Alfred Fridhagen Drums



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