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Morning Dwell
Morning Dwell
June 2014
Released: 2014, Doolittle Group
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

On paper this band is utterly magnificent. I didn’t even have to hear a single note to tell me I would love this new band. Morning Dwell is a Swedish Power metal in the vein of Helloween and Blind Guardian with a member of Reinxeed. The band is on the killer Doolittle group of labels (alongside label mates, Reinxeed, Pellek, Azoria, Golden Resurrection, Audiovision etc.) The bands self-titled debut album sports a gorgeous cover done by Power Metal album cover titan Andreas Marschall. What’s not to love? Then name of the band is a bit odd, not very Metal in my opinion but they stand out from the pack of ‘Iron-this’ or Steel-that’.

My metal instincts were correct and MORNING DWELL is one hell of a debut album. This debut is so good I can easily look past the name. The 11 cut album has ten songs and an intro and these young Swedes have produced some superb Power Metal that can stand along side many of the masters of the craft. Drummer Alfred Fridhagan (Reinxeed, Golden Resuurection) really drives the whole album along at excellent speeds, I found his drumming to be exceptional. Vocalist Petter Hjerpe seems to be a new untested singer and yet his performances on the songs are wonderful. He has range and power with a grand delivery. Check out the scream at the end of ‘Strongest Of Them All’. He seems to be pretty close to Michael Kiske/Tobias Sammet cross in style and tone and that is always a welcome thing!

One thing I appreciated was that the band does not seem to take themselves too seriously. One example are the fun and somewhat different lyrics. ‘Orange Moped’, describes the fun and freedom of your own first vehicle to go pick up girls, even if it is just an orange moped and ‘The Pirate Song’ describes the sad final days of a legendary pirate. The lyrics also cover classic Power Metal territory with songs of warriors and killing machines.

Most of the songs are very fast, catchy and bouncy melodies with big sing-along chorus. The guitar lines of the aforementioned cut ‘The Pirate Song’ has a whirling reel/jig type feel to it and there are little bits of acoustic guitar as well, just for a tiny bit of sonic embellishment. There are keyboards but they are just extra, never overwhelming or distracting from the twin-guitar assault of blazing solos. What album would be complete without an epic to conclude it all? Yes, MORNING DWELL ends with a 12-minute piece called ‘The Story Never Ends’, complete with an ominous intro section with sound effects, keyboards and whispered vocals. With the high-calibre of the all the songs on MORNING DWELL I hoped this album would never end!

For those people who demand originality you can look elsewhere, Morning Dwell may not be for you. However, if you are like me and enjoy well-performed, really fast-paced, guitar driven Power Metal with fun lyrics delivered by soaring high vocals, then this band is for you. I’m so impressed, this is a band that is a top contender for newcomer of the year.
Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Unlock All the Doors
3. Orange Moped
4. Strongest of Them All
5. Forever and Ever
6. Predator
7. Spread Your Wings
8. The Pirate Song
9. The Gatekeeper
10. World Inside
11. The Story Never Ends


Petter Hjerpe Vocals
Michel Barréra Guitars
Ulf Zetterman Guitars
Samuel Olsson Keyboards
Martin Erneström Bass
Alfred Fridhagen Drums

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