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Morito Ergo Sum
July 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The band name (Morito Ergo Sum) at first sounds a bit obscure and even difficult to pronounce correctly at first, however, the name does in fact possess an interesting link to the philosopher Descartes as it translates from Latin “I die therefore I am”, which is similar to the French philosophers “I think therefore I am”.

In 2009, founder of the band Paolo Cito’s vision of creating a doom metal band with clean vocals would become a reality after recruiting the talents of Walter Basile who was originally set to be the band’s drummer. Following the acclaim and recognition they received within the Doom Metal scene, the two members were able to attain a full line up. Their first ever EP Moonchild as a full line-up offers a brief but alluring journey into a distinctive doom ridden sound.

Opening with, ‘Behind these tears’, a foreboding drum led intro sweeps against dark riffs that slide back and forth. A spoken dialogue can be heard amidst the murky atmosphere. Clean vocals leak into the void in ethereal brilliance. The mid drum section weaves a bleak picture as a muddy bass locks everything together. The song pushes forward into a lead guitar melody that helps to elevate listeners from the slow and brooding trance as a drumming crescendo corrodes flawlessly into the melting pot.

Next up, ‘The Grass Grows over Me’ proceeds with clean guitar melodic passage followed by an orchestral backdrop before the heavier riffs and drums intervene. The vocals sound as mesmerizing as ever in a wasteland of desolate beauty. ‘This Selfish Act’ throws together a complex array of drumming and riifs before dispersing into a melodic guitar passage. The vocals flow in and out from the background in a ghost like transparency. The guitars and drums pick up the pace and awaken your ears to some head banging energy.

Finally, ‘Moonchild’ (a King Crimson cover) contains a delicate and destructive aura in its procession of riffs and weighty drums and with its consistency in vocal range make this one of those cover songs that would make any original artist proud.

The thing that has actually amazed me about reviewing this EP is the sheer level of catharsis and euphoria that lay scattered throughout the grey starkness of the record. Yes, they can conjure up a dark and somewhat morbid soundscapes that remain true to the genre; but littered throughout this small selection of songs is something deeper and more powerful you could literarily lose yourself in it for hours. While this may not be the most accessible piece of music written, like all good art it is something that demands an appreciative eye and an open mind, and if ever there was a gallery for music this band should definitely have their work framed there.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Behind These Tears
2. When The Grass Grows Over Me
3. This Selfish Act
4. Moon Child (King Crimson cover)


Walter Basile (Vocals and drums)
Pablo Magallanes (Lead guitar)
Paolo Cito (Guitar)
Harry Virtanen (Bass)

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